Jingdong expansion of self logistics network coverage of the county has reached 1000


following Jingdong (JD.COM) abnormal weather automatic prompt service on the full line, Jingdong logistics ushered in a new milestone in the development. The day before, Jingdong announced its own logistics has covered 1000 counties nationwide, the data accounted for almost 40% of the total national administrative districts.

so far, the Jingdong has established consists of 6 logistics centers, 920 distribution stations, nearly 300 points covering 1000 counties in large logistics system. Above Jingdong self distribution orders have been accounted for 85% of orders, it is worth mentioning that, within the scope of coverage of all consumers can enjoy the delivery payment, credit card, POS machine, pick-up and return home for the new signing of high quality service.

as an important part of Jingdong’s proprietary electricity supplier development, logistics system has been the focus of the layout of the strategic Jingdong. It is reported that in 2013 the Jingdong invested 5 billion funds for the construction of logistics, not only the intelligent logistics center "Asia’s largest in Asia, the operation in logistics and distribution to provide consumers with a" next day "," 211 Limited "," late delivery "and" appointment distribution "and other diversified characteristics delivery service. The implementation of 1000 district network coverage Jingdong self logistics, not only means that the Jingdong in the three or four line of the city’s "channel sink" is more solid, also marks the Jingdong to provide users with high-quality "end-to-end" online shopping experience "vision to a higher level.

industry insiders believe that self logistics as an important corporate strategy Jingdong, reflects its control of the supply chain, Jingdong is one of the core competitiveness of the electricity supplier in the future competition to win. On the one hand, self built logistics distribution not only ensures the quality and speed of leading Jingdong in the industry, and to provide customers with a variety of service selection; on the other hand, the Jingdong radiation self logistics system of the country, to provide cash on delivery, maintenance and other high quality end-to-end user experience services for consumers.