These pioneers how to look at B2B entrepreneurs and industry pain points

in 2015 sent on behalf of the annual meeting, digital B2B industry pioneer published his views on the recent hot B2B industry, and puts forward some suggestions to want to enter this industry entrepreneurs. Billion state power network is carried out on the relevant problems and the character point of view.

palm world Yang Lixiang: many of China’s industrial chain is not good, links bloated

palm world Yang Lixiang

1, palm world is how to do B2B?

first, palm world to help the supermarket system transformation. 80s xiaomaidian, later developed into a small supermarket, in recent years, affected by land prices, labor costs, many began to start a shop. As a result, supermarkets increasingly focused on services. The role of the palm of the world is to help them transform, go out.

second, the palm of the world to enable the city partner. Yang Lixiang believes that "join" is actually a thing to do together. "Now, we have billions of dollars of water, according to statistics, the supermarket retail industry is tens of trillions of yuan level, so we are likely to do hundreds of billions of dollars of water."

palm of the world city partner of the local staff to control the local, this approach is similar to the community: partners do one thing, the joint distribution of benefits. There is no stock, the entire transaction is independent, the independent operation of the way to make headquarters operations lighter.

2, B2B is to solve some of the things

due to China’s industrial structure, the middle part of the complex. Information is not smooth, complex transaction relations led to many of China’s industrial chain is not good, links bloated. But not to remove the intermediate links, but to optimize the whole structure. Help small and medium-sized supermarkets, improve bargaining power, management capabilities, to help upstream manufacturers, suppliers for data statistics and analysis.

3, entrepreneurs should be familiar with the industry to find the pain point

Yang Lixiang believes that the field of B2B still needs some time to explore, but entrepreneurs should be familiar with the industry engaged. I have been in the industry for six years, has been to provide services to the supermarket. Only clear to the industry, to be able to find the pain point of the industry."

Jian Peng: B2B plastic Huizhi brought logistics standardization, localization and financial

for chemical industry third

plastic Ebizal cerambus

1, B2B what can bring to the chemical industry

The future of

, B2B brought to the chemical industry chain value in logistics standardization, the third and the three aspects of financial localization. First, there are many small and micro enterprises, third cultural and financial can play a role, before buying a thing takes a long time, but with the third party platform, highly efficient Internet slowly emerged; secondly, the safety and efficiency of speaking, the standardization of logistics is very important. Zhi Jianpeng said: "the Tianjin tragedy > long ago