Comparison of vertical B2C websites and comprehensive websites

China’s rapid development of the network anomaly, completely beyond the imagination of people. The development of online commerce has been greatly developed. With the increasing number of Internet users, online marketing has gradually replaced the traditional way of trade. Especially in consumer products. With the continuous improvement of the security of online transactions, people’s trust in online transactions has gradually strengthened. Its ease of operation and convenience will gradually come out. So the development of B2C site will undoubtedly become the direction of many businesses. However, although the overall direction is very consistent, but in the development of subtle direction B2C somewhat different. That is, some people insist on doing specific vertical B2C, while others believe that the overall comprehensiveness is the way to win.

A part of

that in this area should take the product together, is a big account, and not too backshish. That is to do a comprehensive class of B2C, which is part of the network as a typical representative. Excellence is the original book started, after the acquisition of Amazon, and now the home appliance channel began to launch, and even to launch automotive supplies, etc., has become an online department store. At the same time, the other part of the integrated B2C average profit margin is low, but should focus on the vertical class B2C. All of a sudden, Jingdong, Eslite mall and a number of vertical websites ferocious also has impact on the industry’s sight.

so in the end with the passage of time, who will have the last laugh? Of course, the final say that the majority of consumers. From my point of view, consumers have a lot in common.

1, it is difficult to break the habit, once broken to form a new habit.

so, from shopping to the network is a habit of breaking. The network is often from the search to start the product. Search products are more focused on the vertical type of professional B2C, buy books to Dangdang, buy digital products go to Jingdong mall. This will form a habit that tends to break the habit will encounter obstacles.

2, people always choose the familiar way, especially in an emergency.

therefore, when used to buy books on Dangdang, Dangdang if can buy learning machine, then no doubt under the same conditions, they are familiar with the original transaction and the transaction object, the risk will be relatively low, which is to encourage people to choose to buy other goods in the original transaction object in the habit of.

3, people have inertia.

laziness is not a shame, but it is undeniable that everyone has inertia. Without external force, any object will remain in its original state. What is the role of inertia in consumption, the search for the product needs to pay the price. Can save the province. If you can buy in the original familiar place, there will be no need to find a new sales station. Search even more convenient, but also need to pay, and inertia can make a lot of people choose to buy other goods in their familiar site. New site search methods, means of payment, browsing habits will become a small obstacle to the transfer of consumers.