SF stores hey shop with the same exposure is thirty thousand


is trying to create their own low-key SF convenience store business, but there is news to testify, showing the courier company layout line consumer market ambitions.

insider, SF is brewing third generation line chains, positioned as a community living services platform based on O2O mode, and strive in the future landing thirty thousand.

"the third generation" SF shop looks like the apple store in

the layout seems to have for having heard it many times. According billion state power network to understand, SF and had previously aimed CBD and community life, called "Hey shop" line convenience store chain, the target number is thirty thousand.


who broke the news to disclose information, naming the new SF store is not associated with hey shop, as the main end residential and office buildings in the area, to provide logistics, advertising display, virtual sales, sale, dressing rooms and other services.

From the layout of

scale, the first batch of the SF store will be set up in 300, June fall 1500, will reach the end of 4000, and the future of the ultimate goal is described in the above thirty thousand.

showed signs of coincidences, the SF third generation line chains, is the previous SF convenience store and SF hey shop extension or upgrade.

the new SF store structure and interior decoration, very similar to the apple store. In addition to merchandise display function, but also added more experience places, such as digital video products, interactive area, customers in the SF store can even play the game.

at the same time, the new SF store also launched a commercial wall and two-dimensional code wall in the scene the user can directly use the mobile terminal to complete the scan, and obtain the relevant product information display, which presents more goods to more excellent space, so as to improve the efficiency of ping.

interior features more interactive zones and merchandise walls

it is worth noting that in effect there is a picture, UNIQLO clothing booth and promotional information, and advertising is very close, to close to that of SF in a variety of advertising and other revenue way.

in addition, SF is also equipped with payment sites, including store consumption, online payment, mobile phone recharge, payment can store implementation of hydropower.

thus, SF line shop is between the real and virtual, and shopping experience, and create based on Internet and O2O thinking. If you can combine the core distribution business has been expanding since SF, advice, delivery and other services, the breadth of coverage, user stickiness, distribution efficiency of commercial value will be further enlarged.

is more important, SF can take from a courier and logistics company supply chain industry development a new retail companies. The line has opened the SF preferred business platform, e business and so may bring tremendous increment for the user.

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