Personal Adsense analysis e commerce emerging consumer groups

recall the beginning of the year the development of the Internet, the Internet is also limited to high-end consumer use of the Internet, e-commerce business is very simple. For example, I know that during the period 2001-2003, the product sales on the Internet, services are mostly limited to business finance, functional software, such as sales. At that time, some people engaged in the work of the network, most people know that they are doing software development, IT product sales. At that time, the Internet audience is a number of fashion, entertainment, IT industry companies, executives and executives, so the year’s Internet products are tailored to the people to build.

after 2003, the reform and opening up and the further development of the market economy, for our users, feel a great change is the popularity of the network. Recall that in 2003, there will be a small number of computers in the home, after all, the same age as my friends are mostly in 2005 -2008 years before the purchase of computers. In this period, the network environment has undergone enormous changes, the emergence of e-commerce B2B, B2C, especially in 2006 after the emergence of Taobao, so that more people come into contact with the concept of e-commerce. Most of them are students, including me.

analysis of the situation, it should be said that the development of my personal webmaster. For me, the more energy is in contact with the network before and after 2006, so I for the development of e-commerce has their own personal experience, from the original in the Taobao store, began to sell their personal sales website the first mobile phone, and later opened a clothing store, gift shop, sales have been rising. Along the way, I feel a lot of this road, although the work is tedious, the road is difficult, but every time I get through hard work after the return of the more I rise.

in today’s e-commerce, network marketing, I think students have become an important consumer groups, and groups of students, college students and senior high school students is to promote a new impetus to consumer e-commerce, the market competitiveness of enterprises. Once there is a survey of e-commerce students, in the face of the temptation of the modern network market, our college students spending extraordinary, which aroused great concern and attention. For in-depth investigation, we analyze the consumption habits of students, consumer choice analysis, I hope to help more people to understand the individual owners of this e-commerce emerging consumer groups, to better carry out our own business.

first, the majority of the network of consumer groups tend to tend to rational, personal webmaster e-commerce needs to focus on pragmatic.

of electronic commerce student investigation on students’ family economic situation analysis, economic situation of family is: 0.5% of the students are very rich, 1% of the students think that the rich family, 43% families of students is medium, 55.5% of people think that the family economy in general. This shows that most college students’ economy is usually not very well-off, so they will not consider luxury cosmetics, luxury goods, high-end fashion, etc.