Micro business to help sell unmarketable fruit behind logistics costs become the biggest pain

news July 3rd, Shaanxi direct nectarine attracted widespread attention, electricity providers, micro companies have started to help sales action, the story seems to be quickly reversed. This allows growers in other regions have been inspired to find its direct selling fruit sales network.

recently, Fujian Zhangzhou area unmarketable litchi again aroused public concern, although the local farmers also found electricity providers, micro business and other online channels, trying to replicate the previous path of net sales Shaanxi unmarketable nectarine. But this is not the fate of the batch of litchi nectarine "smooth" – the high cost of logistics for fruit purchasers, electricity providers, micro business is quite tangled.

Micro business platform "

Fujian local small shop responsible person to billion state power network, small store officially launched in July 1st 12 unsalable litchi, 3 hours, a total of 200 thousand micro shop owner in Litchi distribution, the total sales volume reached 20 tons.

although the rapid outbreak of sales, but the latter part of the logistics and distribution has become a problem. Micro store relevant responsible person said, with the different requirements of nectarine, litchi fresh degree is higher, so we need throughout the cold chain distribution. To choose the SF logistics micro shop as an example, in the cold chain distribution fees in 10 yuan / kg, the micro shop shelves of litchi was 3 kg / piece, plus 1 pounds of ice, a total of 4 pounds, which is every piece of litchi costs reached 40 yuan.


, it is understood that the store on the shelves of small lychee, priced at 9 yuan / piece. Aside packaging, labor costs, each lychee will lose 31 yuan. Such huge losses, resulting in few fruit companies willing to purchase and sale of local fruit growers.

compared to the previous Shaanxi unmarketable nectarine, the cost is lower. According to the relevant person in charge there to provide a public billion state power network nectarine costing sheet plus the purchase cost, cost, cost of packaging foam boxes, packaging and artificial pre cooling cost, courier, a box of Nectarine (5 pounds) of the total cost of 19.9 yuan. The final price is roughly 19.9 yuan, the profit is almost equal to


will bear fruit shop official micro logistics distribution costs are expected to total 3 days, will invest about 1000000 yuan of cost. But they can not completely solve the problem of logistics distribution cost the next fruit.


, another domestic mobile platform has taken another way, the food business platform were also emergency shelves of Litchi in Zhangzhou, but the difference is that the farmers on the platform would be ensured by raising the price of profit. It is reported that the current home of lychee platform for 5 pounds loaded, priced at around $60. The princess home responsible person Li Xiao told billion state power network, it does not charge fees to the farmers platform.

public reports show that Zhangzhou, Zhaoan this year, the total output of more than 30 thousand tons litchi. Although the small shop, Princess home sales network platform has opened the public sale, but the volume can not completely digest unmarketable litchi. Three days after the public sale, farmers will.