Five characteristics of enterprise network marketing

enterprise network marketing is the enterprise oriented society to convey one of the window information, on behalf of the brand image of the enterprise, reflects the corporate culture, expression of the enterprise’s marketing concept, reflects the company’s marketing strategy.

because the network marketing to solve the problem is different, the network marketing technology and marketing strategy is not the same. But they still have some of the same features: for the virtual market on the Internet, the freedom of information exchange, the cost is relatively low. Therefore, in the network marketing planning, we need to grasp some of the basic principles, specifically divided into the following five points:

one, the goal is clear

Does the

enterprise need the network marketing? What is the key point of the enterprise network marketing strategy? These questions must carry on the corresponding marketing research to make the decision.

product is suitable for the use of the network marketing strategy the target market can be reflected in the network through the network marketing to the enterprise how much? These problems need a reasonable scientific analysis.

enterprises can not blindly catch up with the trend or exaggerate the effect of network marketing, unrealistic decisions only lead to failure. As planners, we need to consider the actual situation of enterprises to help enterprises make the right choice.

two, process system

is a network marketing system of enterprise business activities in the network as a tool, which determines the marketing activities of enterprises in the information flow, logistics, capital flow, business flow and service flow are required for system planning, in order to meet the requirements of network marketing. This is a complex system engineering, we need to be guided by the system, the flow of the system integration and optimization, in order to make the network marketing really run up, get the corresponding results.

three, the effect of convenience


network marketing is to provide more convenient to buy, to provide faster and better service for consumers and enterprises to develop a broader market, for consumers, then the network should pay more attention to innovation and facilitation. This is due to the impact of Internet marketing on consumers is direct, so the production of personalized needs and service features is to improve the effectiveness and value of the key.

therefore, enterprises should strengthen the communication with consumers, fully understand the needs of consumers, the use of new technologies, new means to create a network marketing innovative marketing functions.

four, the feasibility of the implementation of

from a technical point of view, network marketing is based on the development and application of network technology, therefore, no matter what kind of marketing strategy, must be network technology can be achieved. A good idea must have the appropriate technology to be developed, applied to the network, in order to achieve its value. Therefore, as a network marketing personnel, you must master a certain I Luo technology, or to be able to communicate with professional and technical personnel to ensure that the program is feasible. On the other hand, the feasibility of network marketing