Measures for the administration of the registration of Chinese domain names for Trial mplementatio

Article  . In order to ensure and promote the healthy development of Chinese domain names, and to regulate the registration and administration of Chinese domain names, these measures are formulated.  

        second   in the territory of People’s Republic of China to engage in Chinese domain name application and registration activities, the application of these measures.  

        third   China Internet Network Information Center (English name China  Internet  Network  Information  Center, hereinafter referred to as CNNIC) is in the Ministry of information industry authority and leadership, neutral, domain name registration authority nonprofit, responsible for the operation and management Chinese the top-level domain name system, the research and development of related technologies and standards, formulate relevant management measures and the Chinese Chinese domain name, domain name registration services for service certification and licensing.  

        fourth   Chinese domain name registration services (hereinafter referred to as registration services) shall be in accordance with the principle of fairness and " to apply for registration of " the principle of accepting Chinese two level domain name registration, and complete the domain name registration in accordance with the provisions of these measures and related policies.  

        fifth   Chinese domain name registration applicant, must be legally registered and can independently assume civil liability organization.  

        Sixth   Chinese top-level domain including CN and pure Chinese two types. Chinese top-level domain name can be directly applied to the two domain name.  

        seventh   Chinese domain name should contain Chinese characters, and can contain letters (A-Z, A-Z, case equivalent), number (0-9) or connector (-). At the same time, the Chinese domain names at all levels shall be connected with the real points.  

        eighth   all levels of Chinese domain names are not allowed to use the name of the state, society or public interest damage.