Carina Lau wine business lawsuits shelf products Tmall novelty

recently, the negative news about Carina Lau Carina Lau wine constantly.


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recently, the negative news about Carina Lau Carina Lau wine constantly.

Carina Lau wine partner sued the court claims 2 million yuan


half a month ago, Carina Lau Carina Lau wine flagship store off the assembly line of the message, causing the industry to speculate and comment. The day before, Hongkong media have exposed the news that wine makers filed with the high court once in cooperation with Carina Lau, accused Liu Yuqi of friends default and slander, claims the amount of over 2 million yuan.

The plaintiff Peng Yonghua

has been engaged in the wine business, and opened a wine Ou Jie (Hongkong) Co. Ltd., and Ou Jie wine (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd., he accused Feng Lijun, Carina Lau and director three Ka-ling International Electronic Commerce limited. According to Peng Yonghua pointed out in the complaint, in November 2014 on behalf of their own and von Carina Lau, active contact with him, the new brand Carina Lau cooperative management requirements of Wine in Hongkong and the mainland, to reach an agreement in December of the same year, Peng agreed to own the company’s resources to assist with the marketing of three people, was founded in third by the defendant company, and Peng total sales revenue 15% as a service fee.

Carina Lau Wine in France and Tmall on sale promotion, Peng refers to the above activities within two weeks, sold more than 100 thousand bottles of wine. And after the three parties to the agreement to make a loan to the director of the company, Peng invested $1 million 500 thousand.

Peng refers to the end of last year, Carina Lau has denied service fee and board loan agreement, Liu Feng, two people in the company to take a value of about 300 thousand, a total of 1320 bottles of wine and no payment and no payment to the wine wholesaler. Peng in May this year, two people issued a written document to the guests, they are Carina Lau Wine refers to the exclusive operator, the plaintiff is not authorized to sell.

under a Tmall Jingdong or otherwise, will hold its cooperation agreement


As for the

Carina Lau wine shelf Tmall event, previously, according to informed sources told reporters Wine dealers reference, Carina Lau wine in some unlikely places in cooperation with Tmall, Tmall’s strong and tough conditions and a series of reasons for Carina Lau wine operations team can not accept, so the two termination of cooperation. However, industry analysts believe that, in fact, from a side description of Carina Lau wine sales is not ideal, resulting in the final results of the shelf.

in the Carina Lau red wine Tmall after the shelf, attracted all parties guess >