Alibaba Taiwan enterprises electricity supplier awareness behind the mainland 3 5


technology news November 18th morning news, according to Taiwan’s "Economic Daily" reported that the general manager of the Alibaba Taiwan branch Fu Jiqing said yesterday, Taiwan B2B exporters "business sense", as Chinese, gap has reached three to five years, if not affecting the export competitiveness will spare no effort to catch up.


electronic commerce according to buyers, can be divided into direct selling to the consumer end "of the retail business type (B2C), including Amazon, Taobao, Tmall and other general are such that sold" types of electronic commerce enterprise’s end "(B2B), mainly in the supply chain alliance and the export trade. In recent years, also continued to grow.

Alibaba this year in the double 11 Shopping Festival set a new record, so that the outside world to see the development of e-commerce in china.

Fu Jiqing said that the use of the network to expand the export of B2B e-commerce model, the proportion of foreign trade continued to rise, will become the key competitiveness of exporters.

Fu Jiqing believes that compared with the China, manufacturers, exporters in Taiwan, customized product technical ability than the average China, leading more than five years, but the attitude towards network, but the operating entity copy the Internet, not in operation, departments and sales analysis with "business consciousness" has been behind the mainland counterparts.

he said, nearly two years of critical period of change, the industry supply chain structure into the global network orders rising rates, if Taiwan does not increase the network capacity, existing products, technology could be offset, which will impact the overall export market. (munan)