The three major challenges and trends of the three party coalition against fraud fake face LV

The conventional

only manufactured or sold in a ring or multi fake form, it is difficult to fundamentally eliminate fake.


as a cancer of the retail industry, although the world has stepped up efforts to combat fraud and selling fake fake goods, but the fact has never really stopped. If so, we are not able to classify the rampant fraud in a platform or a government responsibility. This is obviously underestimated the power of the fraud Gang, the reason is very simple, a single platform or model is not possible to provide the necessary ecological fraud.

May 9, 2016, Guangzhou Baiyun District Zhongluotan a no signs of the factory, Guangzhou police and Dubai police forces, plus Alibaba counterfeiting team support, seized a fake LV production dens. According to relevant media reports, this case is not the same as with the previous simple fraud Gangs: specializing in the production of leather; a gang purchasing counterfeit leather production and processing into finished products, are exported to Dubai, while online sales, and a nearby leather trade city hotel room show sample, said that only the old customers to experience. To gang collaboration, constitute a complete chain from production, sales, warehousing and logistics to export.

and public opinion about counterfeiting more complaints and discussion about the fake hit more rampant, but compared to the above case is very clear, the fraud has become the industry chain, only conventional sales or manufacturing a ring or multi fake form, it is difficult to fundamentally eliminate fake.

face three serious problems facing counterfeit

said above, although the countries in the world and brands will be a lot of energy and money into fake work, but now it seems, with little success, the fundamental reason is that the current method of counterfeiting seriously lags behind the fraud and selling means.

to the three party (Guangzhou and Dubai police, Alibaba) to combat LV fraud Gang, for example, the current cross-border fraud has been basically showing the following three trends: globalization of the 2 hidden in the world; 3 high-tech.

through the global trade logistics to avoid a country’s supervision, also increased the difficulty of the investigation of fraud by the globalization of the industry chain, for different countries data from different agencies cannot completely rely on the government to make pure convergence, it is difficult to achieve the fake chain uninterrupted supervision.

with the increase in efforts to combat fake, but also makes the fraud Gang must continue to optimize their specific behavior, in order to avoid the more subtle means to combat. The LV fraud incident as an example, its production base is in no sign of the plant area, and in the sales stage, in addition to the fake goods sent to Dubai for cross-border selling, selling in China has also set up the old customer service "VIP". When the concealed fraud has become the norm, will cause the police or the relevant law enforcement departments in the investigation of cases is difficult to find clues, increase the difficulty of detection.