Lasafo and jumei com to become beauty electricity supplier brother

Slobber war

fermentation a month of domestic electricity supplier beauty "best" between and Lasafo is becoming somewhat difficult to end. With the Lasafo high-profile release in 2013 the cosmetics industry white paper, claiming that "the counter price thirty percent off is online genuine cosmetics line", at the 66% off international big selling beauty products seems to hit "mingmen".

reporter in March 20th on sites found, such as foreign well-known enterprises of Estee Lauder group, Clinique, Estee Lauder and other brands of products to the original price of three to forty percent off of the sales situation is not uncommon. On the same day, reporters from Estee Lauder Chinese confirmed that the company currently does not cooperate with, the electricity supplier website sales belong to the illegal distribution of products, it is difficult to judge true and false.

a brother battle

word war may have the risk of loss of brand, but in general, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages,

The reason why and bukekaijiao, is rooted in the increasingly intense competition for market share.

According to Analysys think tank released "

B2C" China cosmetics competitiveness analysis report shows that in December 2012 and January 2013, music bee network average daily number of unique visitors were ranked the top two seats, is about three times the market the third day, the more obvious advantages.

"competition between and Le bee network itself has let both sides at loggerheads, and the three anniversary of the February 27th" Peach Blossom Festival "and the March 1st two big promotion activities, has become a" breakthrough pressure burst "." A well-known cosmetic industry insiders told reporters, "soon announced a high-profile three day break one billion sales success is being questioned in the industry, then the voices of doubt also from one billion sales of water transfer to the source of the product." and both won the beauty of e-commerce platform Sequoia Capital Venture started, has formally established in 2008 and 2010. The former star makeup endorsement as features, while is keen to fight course publicity entrepreneurial team. Different styles of the marketing strategy was often used to laugh at each other, and brand positioning is highly coincident are destined to let it become enemies.

famous cosmetic industry experts Zhang Bingwu told reporters, although there are Taobao and other large platform support beauty products sales, sales total is also very impressive, but compared to, Lasafo such large B2C sites, the legal risk C2C mode dispersion supplier undertakes selling is also relatively small.

also because of this, has reached the market at the beginning of the team played the "100%" slogan to attract consumers, the same statement also appears in the music bee net. Reporters on the Le bee network web site to see, the company marked in a prominent position of the "100% genuine commitment", "brand direct supply,"

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