MasaMaso issued a statement Yes and no plan of cooperation

news June 22nd, before the news, because Taobao stores similar clothing direct sellers too much competition, the men’s direct platform operator MasaMaso plans to close its flagship store on the Taobao website, opting for Baidu’s online personal C2C trading platform "have ah". Yesterday, the relevant person in charge of the MasaMaso to clarify the matter, the official said, the future does not exclude cooperation with a number of C2C platform, but there is no intention to cooperate with ah.

MasaMaso official said that this year, Taobao MasaMaso store in Taobao B2C mall on-line business. Up to now, MasaMaso Taobao store sales have been steadily rising trend, there is no so-called poor display effect. Taobao is not only the largest retail network in Asia, but also one of the world’s first choice of retail network. As of the end of 2008, Taobao registered members have more than 80 million people, covering the vast majority of Chinese online shopping crowd. Taobao B2C mall expanded the influence of the brand in the network of consumers, brand vendors to develop online retail channels to provide strong support. Through the reduction of transaction costs, to achieve a win-win situation for the brand manufacturers and consumers, which is highly consistent with MasaMaso’s own brand strategy."

when asked whether MasaMaso will be considered in the future to shop other electronic trading platform, the company responsible person said, "ah beta period early in Baidu, we have carried on the special investigation, a C2C online trading platform, the integration of Baidu powerful search technology and extensive industry resources, is expected to become one of the most influential online retail business in china. But considering the current opportunity of cooperation is not yet mature, so not to set up their cooperation, believe that the future will have the opportunity to work, MasaMaso has been committed to improve product quality and service, and vigorously promote the development of the brand, so we do not exclude any advantage in brand development cooperation, I believe the future will cooperate with more electronic trading platform, common development."

industry generally believe that the current clothing sales model is becoming more diversified, C2C and B2C boundaries have become increasingly blurred. The diversification of network platform channel will help the clothing direct sales website covering more target consumer groups, which is more conducive to the development of clothing direct sales website.

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