Tianxiaxiu Li Meng micro business will become a part of life

fragmentation which comes from the field of communication vocabulary, can be used to interpret the "diversification", after its spread in the network, more behavior can also be used to describe fragmentation, among them, the most typical is the fragmentation of people purchase channels.

store, electricity providers, social platforms and other channels can help consumers achieve the purchase, and the emergence of micro business is the purchase channels on the fragmentation of the full interpretation, mainly in the micro business diversification, based on this, Beijing tianxiaxiu technology limited Si Limeng put forward "the bold idea of micro business become a part of life.

what is a micro quotient?

it is understood that there is currently no unified definition of micro cognitive. Generally refers to the carrier channel derived Web3.0 times by the individual as a unit, the combination of Internet and traditional way, there is no regional restrictions, small individual behavior and mobility to achieve new breakthroughs in sales channels. Simply put, micro business is the integration of resources.

more precisely, micro business is born in the mobile Internet, with a social gene, the personal center of the C2C market. Since the birth of WeChat micro shop, most people think that micro shop that is micro business, in fact, only a small part of the micro shop is very small. Different from the electricity supplier, the main electricity supplier to the product, micro business is more emphasis on the establishment and maintenance of the relationship between people.

micro quotient status

integrated media reports, last year as a derivative of the outbreak, a large dial derivative like the bamboo shoots after the rain, springing up, only in the WeChat micro shop registered users exceeded 12 million, commodity SKU a total of more than 1 billion 100 million yuan, reached a year and the cumulative magnitude, rather Taobao 10 years.

Although the number of

micro’s surprising enough, but the existing problems should not be underestimated.

According to insiders,

, micro business is now the main problems are:

commodity homogeneity serious. Follow the trend of behavior led to the sale of goods for the 70% derivative mask, such as bags, fruit, food, cosmetics and other products are not many, and far less than the degree of hot film; development agency quanqian. Mask level agents, the ultimate result is the ultimate agent of their own agents to consume the product. The real micro business is not to play "MLM" level agents, but by meeting the needs of the public personalized, to provide "private custom" type of goods; market confusion. Due to the low threshold of micro business, regulatory difficulties, the quality of the micro business and other reasons, resulting in dumping, fakes, rights and other issues; unscientific marketing. Micro business now, the promotion process basically is crazy with the powder, and then in the circle of friends scraper, the results of their own friends will not brush out into their own social marketing system; others such as poor quality, lack of profit, poor logistics and other issues, make derivative operation difficult.

this, Lee lemon said: the rise of micro business too fast, so that the public

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