There was a hand SF delicacy platform does it have too much

news February 26th, billion state power network that Handmade food business platform "" has been in the SF official website was included in the Internet technology and its products of SF, WeChat announced its public entrance.

on the layout of food more than SF preferred

is reported that there are things to focus on manual food, is a collection of handmade food people’s open mobile e-commerce platform. Master provide goods into "Handmade" and "seasonal fresh" two, "Handmade" including handmade cookies, cakes, manual manual features dishes, "seasonal fresh" are by origin fruit sellers to provide consumers by WeChat, An Zhuoyou APP, the number of public order, the product there is no iOS version.


things APP commodity falls and details page

in addition to commodity function, has added more social functions: such as "content", share Master handmade food business stories; in the circle of friends in the "dynamic" function is concerned Master view the share and upload new products, instant interaction. In addition, the platform is settled in all the real name of the seller, consumers can view the phone and WeChat to communicate in a timely manner.


it is understood that there are APP developed by Shenzhen City Wind Technology Co., Ltd is established in 2014, SF EXPRESS group has received 10 million yuan Angel round of investment. December 2014, there are things on the line APP, according to the network information, then there are things in the purchase of clothing, handicrafts and other categories of goods. April 2015, there will be locked in the category of goods in fresh food.

billion state power network learned that at present, all the commodities in the platform by SF delivery service, and SF EXPRESS has been on the official website will be listed as the object of SF technology’s Internet products, and show the public number for the entrance of WeChat.


official website page screenshot

SF SF Technology

the "quality of SF" did

industry insiders believe that although APP is currently unable to bring a lot of incremental to SF fresh delivery orders, but for the delicacy of precise positioning and marketing is a new attempt for SF fresh layout, and "temperature, there are feelings of delicacy" position, also in line with the SF has been on business high quality requirements.

as everyone knows, the SF business has always been the pursuit of a high quality. Express service is locked in a senior business, service standardization and aging has been at the forefront of the industry, and in the electronic business platform project by fortune gathered overseas brands, the sale of imported high-quality fresh food in SF preferred. < >

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