E commerce industry to reflect on online shopping who cheated

recently heard a lot of people in a variety of online shopping experience on their own, some said he had been deceived, some say they buy goods not see the pictures and so on, and even at all costs to a "praise" to do something.

now why there are so many online shopping cheated people? Is the electronic commerce law is not perfect in our Chinese? Or that Chinese Internet itself is a lack of trust? Probably from the beginning of 1999, China Internet began to develop a prototype, with the development of economy, now Internet users has reached Chinese more than 400 million, became the world leader in Internet users share, this is a very good thing, the development of the Internet and e-commerce, is to promote economic China, make Chinese out of the "Seclusion" threshold, with the network with the world standards, but it is precisely in such a harmonious environment can not find a comfortable feeling, in this environment, imbued with fraud, deceit, false and so on, which is a phenomenon of what


now the various types of Web sites to 100 million units, too many sites, seems to have disrupted the netizen’s sight, let many users do not know where to go shopping at ease, comfortable shopping. An online shopping, many people will think of the first time taobao.com, yes, I am also the same, but we carefully to taste of taobao.com, taobao.com was still the same? Which registered businesses are honest? In order to obtain a high praise at all costs, even with money to buy a the so-called praise, with money to brush a ranking, because in the Taobao shopping we trust is credibility, I think, now Taobao’s reputation that can be trusted? His reputation based on money, but also worthy of our trust? It is now 08 years, Baidu has when pushed out to solve China online shopping credibility problem, the result? Two years later, we saw what

?Of course, there are many

platform also pushed out the integrity of the corresponding mechanism, but do not seem to have much use, as more and more people cheated, more and more businesses are not integrity, is the so-called "policy, there are countermeasures ah, I want to do more work than to solve the problem from the fundamental to, to solve business ideas, to resolve the buyer’s thoughts, we advocate self-discipline, consciously abide by the rules of credibility, of course it is a long time, but I think the method is effective, can not fundamentally eliminate all" bad faith "" for the benefit of cheating "idea, is there is no way to solve practical problems, because human behavior is determined by consciousness.

major sites should unite together to promote everyone into a harmonious internet society, honest shopping, to create a warm and harmonious Internet environment. At the same time, the state also increased the punishment of criminals and effective propaganda, enhance the integrity of Internet users awareness. Recently, the on-line three years of price comparison Network – do China’s largest comparison shopping search engine, do old >

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