Tmall Taobao in the sale of substandard quality checks into 7 traced down jacket

media reports yesterday, for the fight against fake and shoddy products, purification of the online market, Chinese down Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as "feathers") on November Tmall, Taobao in the sale of down clothing quality sampling. In the sample of 38 samples, only 9 samples qualified, the pass rate was 23.7%.

this, Tmall customer service staff told the China Daily reporter yesterday: as long as there is a problem to confirm the quality, to pay." Legal experts also suggested that in order to facilitate the rights of consumers, consumers pay attention to the preservation of online shopping evidence.

but the industry believes that the electricity supplier frequently exposed and selling, let consumers lose confidence, but this will lose the trust of consumers, is not conducive to the sustainable development of the electricity supplier industry.

29 samples of the 26 can not be called down jacket


Badminton Association said that the 29 samples were unqualified, 26 samples were crushed completely by the hair, feather or chemical fiber filling, this product cannot be called a down jacket, is malicious deception of consumers of counterfeit products, not only can not play the role of cold and warm, even cause allergies or asthma. Disease.

According to

, the sample purchase work in November 11th. In the training center in Tmall, Taobao sales to anonymously buy ranking 38 down clothes, including men 8, women 21, 9 children. The 38 samples were sent to the two Chinese inspection laboratories accredited by the international feather feather Bureau on November 15th -18. The main indexes such as the content of cashmere, cashmere content, fluffy degree, cleanness and oxygen consumption were detected in the laboratory. In the 38 samples, the content of cashmere failed 28 pieces, fluffy degree of failure of the 26, the cleanliness of substandard 3.

by the impact of rising raw material prices in 2013, down doped so that the apparent increase in the phenomenon, such as: fly wire, Lu Qinmao exceeded; cashmere content decreased; crushed wool, chemical fiber, etc.. Due to the lack of effective regulatory measures, the online market leads to high incidence of fake and shoddy products, dragons and fishes jumbled together. In particular, it is difficult to see down the inner quality of its consumer goods, online quality issues are more prominent.

Tmall responded: as long as there is a problem to confirm the quality of payment

and from Tmall, Taobao hot down clothing sampling results, the regulation of online down jacket Market, to combat counterfeit products imminent. Therefore, in the feathers will focus in 2015 recommended to consumers Peigua down products to ensure the credibility of the logo of the product, in order to protect the consumers are buying a genuine jacket, to protect the interests of consumers, maintaining market order.

as long as there is a problem to confirm the quality, to pay." On this matter, yesterday, Tmall hotline customer service as if told China Daily reporter said.

, like, said: as long as there are quality issues, such as the seller admitted to be a fake, or have the relevant quality inspection report identified quality problems, Tmall will support payment, return processing, etc.

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