Next week Alipay payment no longer can be directly tied to the card maximum 5000 yuan overdraft

next week Alipay paid no longer directly tied to the card overdraft consumption

following the launch of the balance of treasure, Ali financial plans to launch a credit payment service in next week: the use of Alipay users no longer bundled payment credit card or debit card can directly overdraft consumption, the highest amount of 5000 yuan, the loan funds are provided by the cooperative banks.

Ali credit news first disclosed in March this year, this product is Ali financial according to the accumulation of user data mining credit users, and thus users of credit, 1-5000 yuan credit line can meet the user’s daily payment needs, and also can solve the mobile phone shopping in the payment experience.


according to the information disclosed in March, credit loan funds provided by the cooperative banks, Alibaba’s Chongqing Shangcheng Guarantee Corporation to provide full guarantee and bear all the risk, pay the fee by the merchant or customers to bear the cost, between 0.8%-1%, credit payment has 38 days of interest free period, the benchmark interest rate of 50% after the overdue fine.

if the overdue, Ali financial first SMS notification, and voice collection, and finally even artificial collection on-site collection, collection is still not a year after the repayment, Ali financial verification will be overdue for more than a year, customers pay the price, is the Alipay account will be cancelled.

as to why you want to launch a credit payment business, Ali financial business group president Hu Xiaoming in an interview in March this year had said last year by Alipay China banking mobile phone bank, full payment of the success rate is 38%, and the 62% is when a customer to create the transaction after the payment is not successful, it still does not contain a part of the customer, because the payment is not successful, did not create this transaction, can be used to solve the credit payment.

it is understood that, from March onwards, Taobao credit payment has been in the Tmall business end of investment, the work has been completed, just waiting for the end consumer service line. The first line, the credit card payment is likely to be the first choice of several provinces and cities to carry out the pilot, and then will be extended to the country.

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