Server detailed security configuration

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web server security configuration

first of all to introduce the famous domestic security site network security information is quite complete, we have the opportunity to see Firefox EvilOctal alliance network security focus
/html/edu/System/Win2003/index.html  win system security and application


circulated on the Internet on Windows Server 2003 system security configuration, but a careful analysis found that many are not comprehensive, and many still configuration is not reasonable, and there is a big security risk, today I decided to do under the extreme BT 2003 server security configuration, let more webmaster friends sleep without any anxiety.

we need to configure the server components to provide support as follows: (ASP, ASPX, CGI, PHP, FSO, JMAIL, MySql, SMTP, POP3, FTP, and Web 3389 Terminal Services Remote Desktop Connection Management Services), this premise is already installed in the system, including IIS, FTP server, mail the server, these specific configuration methods will not repeat it, now we focus mainly on a security configuration.

on routine such as safe installation system, set up and manage accounts, off the excess service, audit policy, modify the port terminal management, and the configuration of MS-SQL, delete the stored procedure with the lowest risk, access to the public account for the connection and so on, do not say, everyone is full of related articles in the online search, 315 Internet security it is very much:

regular security configuration 2003: NewsID=2770

prevent ASP Trojan running on the server: NewsID=2865

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