love to do mule station group to fall back

is now the most talked about the webmaster community should be standing group, the left brother in a night to become the figure of thousands of people, the station group has become a hot topic of the major webmaster forum. See the power stations, many mood.according are already in operation, there are still a lot of people watching, to see how the trend of the next station group, here we analyze the advantages and disadvantages of stations, station group advantages: the short term ranking rose rapidly, can quickly make a disadvantage money, after all: Station group is a non formal approach, is certainly not for a long time. Although Baidu is still no way to stand group, but sooner or later will destroy the station group, just a matter of time.

we’ll analyze several major difficulties, the operation of the standing first, expend energy, you know, a station group mostly have hundreds of stations, hundreds of registered domain names can be tiresome, let alone make hundreds of Web sites; secondly, the investment is relatively large, this is also a lot of people worry about watching where hundreds of websites have hundreds of domain names, and IP are different, that means to buy hundreds of space, in so doing, for no money for grass roots, is a sum of money.

Through the above analysis of

stations and the advantages and disadvantages of operating difficulties, a lot of people have been waiting to see is the reason, so we do not have other stations, what can be done? We can do the second blog station group, we all know that the weight of stations is very high. So the ranking can be so good, then we do blog station group, to raise the weights of the blog is very high, then the weights of the blog by the way links into our website.

blog station group is obviously advantages and disadvantages, advantages: rapid increase the weights of all blogs and blogs, websites, the weight of the website can be a very good improvement; disadvantages: too exhausting, and the blog is always dependent things, self control is not good.

Group and blog group

station have their advantages and disadvantages, but if you do not want to stand group, why don’t we do the second blog station group? The Chizhou [email protected] I love mules, address:, welcome to reprint, please indicate the link.

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