The wedding of foreign trade B2C and a way of living it

recently encountered a number of foreign trade consulting B2C some of the problems, I probably sorted out a few of them ask the question of high frequency:

1, foreign trade B2C wedding dress is now too fierce competition, can do?

2, so many people in the foreign trade B2C wedding, I just started to do, too late,


3, Europe and the United States foreign trade market is too crowded, if I develop a new foreign trade wedding market feasible?

4, I would like to do foreign trade products around the wedding B2C, so that you can do it?

5, I am afraid to do foreign trade B2C wedding and other people are not competitive, but I really want to do, so more tangled

5 questions above

, as you read, the meaning of the expression is the same — foreign trade B2C

dress and a way of living?

this problem is currently the mass wedding businesses are thinking about the problem, then the face of such a problem we do foreign trade B2C wedding, wedding dress, you do not want to do foreign trade? Today Xiaobian these questions and share their views


wedding, is the first to do foreign trade B2C, but also the hottest products. It is inevitable that such doubts arise at present, for the development of things will always experience the stage of development, prosperity and decline. At present, the foreign trade B2C wedding ceremony from the development to the heyday of the stage, since you want to go to the peak stage, then the problem will appear. Only solve these problems in order to make their own enterprises to a higher class.

although these problems are essentially the same, but I also want to do some personal views on these issues:

1, foreign trade B2C wedding competition is fierce, but still can do. Why the competition is intense, because this kind of product market is broad, has the market only then to have the competition, therefore the foreign trade nuptial dress merchant should be able to see its market from the competition. Wedding always is good, the European market, many businesses want to crush a piece of their wedding market in Europe and the United States, of course, a piece of fat so much who don’t want to eat a small piece of it, this is understandable. But don’t just want to eat a piece of fat, but also to think about other lean meat can eat. Europe and the United States, for example, the wedding market has a number of very popular countries, such as the u.s.. Is there some not so popular, but there are a few people concerned about the country? So these countries wedding consumption level and their products, sales demand is not very close? Then this is not the time you consider these countries? In addition, some small countries in Europe and the United States market scope what is the wedding consumption countries, so in these languages, you are not also can have a wedding

their territory?

2, whatever you decide, do it immediately

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