How to promote micro providers

now do more and more people micro business, with the same product agents are more and more, want to stand out from them to understand how to do a good job promotion. Some people may choose to spend money to promote, but there are a lot of inside, I do not say. This post is mainly to tell you how to do free promotion, so you do not have to spend money to allow customers to choose you. Many of them may have been used, I would like to say that if you use these methods do not have a success, it can only explain that your operation may not.

let’s start with

QQ group promotion

some derivative may be done to promote the product in the QQ group, is the main group is not playing in the group was disgusted, it is physically hit. But you have to think about building a group Hello end is and share experience, a pop up advertising, is done for you upset? How to be the advertising in group? Is very simple, is not advertising. I remember a man who knew someone who created a group of people who came in and said that she was using the product experience and said what his product was. Because I was doing a micro business so I know it is coming in advertising, but others will not think so. What about those who hear later recall only this product instead of this one is not derivative, because they are not, so they don’t care about this problem, but his product, why? Because she understand that advertising will be directly deleted seconds, and you share the experience is not the same, and the main group do not know that you are not taking micro so he won’t kick you, for those who want to buy your product will not ask you where to buy? So you can not let them to you.

stick promotion

do not say the specific operation, the first to talk about what is now the post bar. Because the post bar is very high so the people to use the bar to the drainage is really too much, because advertising is too much, and now stick it is more and more strict. You may have made a post, the title will not be directly deleted, or sent a post will be pumping floor, it is not easy to send a post but it has been deleted, it is physical and mental fatigue ah. But no hair and no one, how to do? You need to change the way. Not too conspicuous title, a self share as the theme of a post, I believe it is very happy to have people to share their.

forum to promote


do not know if you have not thought of, in fact some forum mass is very high, what are the specific forum this requires you to explore, too serious in the forum advertising properties don’t, in the time of need to know about the relevant provisions of the forum, do not send a letter posted a number, this is done very tired, but also in the forum post is to be raised, you send a delete one is not, not on the front forum is not see, so the hair can not post advertising, will learn clever to let others find you, about the detailed operation.

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