Adsense analysis six aspects of a comprehensive description of the way to buy

with the rapid development of the network, the group has been integrated into our lives. With the doubt to buy, to gradually accept the buy, and now to buy, this is my own to buy changes, I believe that many friends and I. Especially Taobao launched last 200 Mercedes Benz cars, a short time was sold out, this is undoubtedly a shot in the arm for many webmaster group purchase. Okay, well, today from the six aspects of their own pressure on the bottom of things to share, hope everybody.

first, regional performance is obvious: especially for small and medium group buying site, regional performance is very obvious, this is not only the relationship with the sale of products, but also a major trend of today’s internet. Take our usual favorite search engine, but also showed a lot of vertical and regional search results. So for a lot of buy station, take regionalization is a wise strategy, is a direction in the future. Of course, in fact, it is necessary to carefully according to their own products to locate their own site, regionalization is a reference to the trend.

second, operation technology is important, more important: many webmaster in website launch will be too much attention to the site, in fact, the technology of the website is just a foreshadowing, technology is very important but don’t rely on the target in technology. The website is the core of the operation, is your website do very beautiful, very powerful, if others do not know you in vain. Therefore, the focus on the operation of the site, with the site more and more mature, perhaps you thought it was a good technology can not keep up with their own development.

third, make money of second, the share of the first: Profitable money is our ultimate goal, but in order to achieve the ultimate goal, had to temporarily put money in the second place. The reason is very simple, now that the group purchase is not very mature, many people are still so that potential consumers half believe and half doubt, remains to be developed, we should make clear time is 10 Fen today, or make a money tomorrow". Many large sites, such as where the customer, the 360 Jingdong mall now can be profitable, but they are to attract more users and enlarge the market in the first place. For many buy station, the same principle applies.

fourth, BD: group purchase station and the ability to determine the success or failure of common sites are very different in need and the reality of business negotiation, group purchase products are needed offline enterprises and companies do support, therefore, group purchase station have not had their own a beautiful hand technique can conquer the user the era of. Good BD ability is on must have, if your business is busy, or lack of capacity in this regard, so please don’t hesitate to hire a good BD ability of the master, he for the development of your website can play a key role.

fifth, simplification and ultimate: buy station page is generally very simple, and the traditional news website has the essential difference between the core is the product and low. Attraction >

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