Holy crap Meizu Suning together play big

this afternoon, Meizu Suning held together the "blue dream Meizu Suning strategic cooperation conference, announced a strategic cooperation, and cooperation in large scale, called the strategic plan of next year’s biggest meizu.

Meizu said that within a year will be completed in Suning Meizu 300 experience store construction, as well as the sale of 2 billion Meizu products. Blue dream has taken the first step, the future will be more in-depth cooperation with Suning will bring greater imagination for the market and users.

currently, Meizu in all provinces of the country, Hongkong, Macao, Taiwan and overseas have set up shop Meizu experience, a total of more than 700, the cooperation and Suning, will further enhance the number of stores, longerreach.

it is not difficult to see, Meizu in strengthening the network marketing, but still attaches great importance to the construction of the line channels.

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