Foreign express three giants compete for the domestic license plate in Shanghai were misreading

since 2007, FedEx (FedEX) threaten to enter the domestic express market in 4 years, but the effect is not significant.

up to now, including FedEx, federal package (UPS) and DHL three international express giants, although occupy the international express business share has more than 75%, but the three companies in total Chinese domestic express market share of less than 1%. For them, access to domestic express market share is still one of the strategic points of the future.

Chinese Express Advisory Network Principal Consultant Xu Yong in July 19th to the "investor" said, the international express delivery giants have long agreed that future global express market will mainly in Asia, and the main market in Asia will be China and India, which China market is greater than the India market.

license is still the key

now, the three major international express companies have Zaiduofali domestic market trends, in addition to DHL because of the joint venture with Sinotrans obtained domestic express licence, FedEX and UPS still did not obtain a license, which is also seen as a key two international express delivery giants did not fully enter the domestic market. Currently, the two giants were using different public relations approach to further contact with the Chinese government, which, FedEX action is more inclined to take the high road.

July 18th, chief operating officer and President Deng Bohua FedEX Ma Junsheng to Beijing International Business and director of the State Post Bureau of FedEx Corp in China business development issues. In addition, Deng Bohua, vice governor of Guangdong Province in July 16th and met in Guangzhou, to further promote the development of the logistics industry in depth exchanges in Guangdong. Deng Bohua frequently met with government officials, is also seen as paving the way for the next development of domestic express business.

Deng Bohua’s trip to China, is also seen as a public relations trip. In fact, the end of June this year the FedEX crazy and UPS have made the domestic express licence, at present is still unable to get.

although FedEX and UPS have not yet got a domestic license, but the license is the trend." Chinese Transportation Association Deputy Secretary General Liu Jianxin in July 19th to express branch "investor" said that in October 2009 the "postal law" revised before, engaged in courier business license of the enterprise can not apply for a license to conduct business for the FedEX side, and UPS, to carry out business in the global scope, to comply with local laws and regulations on front. Therefore, even if the application does not apply for domestic express license does not affect the premise of its domestic business, the license will be used as an important job to do.

misreading announcement caused ripples

Progress of

for obtaining the domestic express licence, FedEx Corporate Communications Department?? 19 on the "investor" said: "according to the relevant provisions of the" postal law ", FedEx has submitted a domestic service business license application. We will continue with

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