Jingdong online banking wallet officially unveiled financial gains or super balance treasure

class yesterday, Alipay wallet Jingdong online banking wallet officially unveiled, the first launch of a user oriented PC client wallet mobile version will be officially launched in March 18th. Jingdong finance official said, will provide users with funds to create precipitation. But the reporter learned that, in fact, this is a similar balance treasure, CAITONG Monetary Fund products.

Jingdong side said that in the future, Jingdong users shopping payment, capital management, consumer credit, investment banking will be integrated in the online banking wallet.

did not disclose financial products revenue

Liu Changhong, head of Jingdong financial business unit, said Jingdong will launch financial products in recent years, small treasuries". It is understood that the user put the funds into the small Treasuries can be purchased after the relevant financial products. First, small Treasuries will launch two products monetary fund, Harvest Fund were living wallet and Peng Hua fund value added treasure". Moreover, the small Treasuries in the funds can also be at any time on the mall shopping Jingdong. Small Treasuries financial Jingdong after Beijing Bao Bei, Jingdong ious the launch of an internet financial products.

"in the future, we have not only the fund business platform, including credit card business, insurance business, and some bank financing and personal loans." Liu Changhong said.

the Internet financial products is expected to reach how much revenue? Jingdong and fund companies were not disclosed, but it is understood that Baidu hundred earned before also cooperate with Harvest Fund, the balance of treasure, CAITONG yields have dropped to below 6%, Baidu earned hundreds still ranked 6%.

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