Beijing net purchase of new milk powder must have a license and business license

online shopping milk only after obtaining circulation license and business license to the case, in the online business (TechWeb with


reporter Zhang Hanshu Shanghai reported

a week ago, the Danish baby milk brand dairy chairman Fang Wenkai Claudel leer (Franz Gammelgaard-Schmidt) in the choice of channels and brains. He told reporters: "I heard that the government may China of milk online shopping channels to take measures, so China entered the market at present the company’s plans, online shopping channels temporarily have not been included in the account."

as the Danish government’s fund investment projects, Denmark is planning to Hot Mills joynet Chinese milk market in October this year. But before February 22nd, the city of Beijing Industrial and Commercial Bureau drafted a report entitled "Beijing food circulation license management approach" (Draft) and supporting standard "Beijing food circulation license management standard" site selling a total of 5 supporting documents, only approved pre packaged food in store operation the project, no dairy products sales item, this sign from the Danish investors worried that online shopping will be designated into milk or Chinese market ban ranks.

March 27th, the draft finally has the final answer. Beijing Municipal Bureau of industry and Commerce decided to shop sales of dairy products in accordance with the provisions of the State shall be subject to strict special approval permit, in the absence of shops operating items increased dairy products.

online shopping milk powder only in the case of access to circulation licenses and business licenses in order to operate on the internet. The number of dairy sources said in an interview that affect the object of this policy is the most direct sea of milk purchasing business, Beijing area purchasing stores or will face huge change adjustment.

policy U-turnA month before the

"discussion paper" that still haunt the industry. At that time, Beijing city industry and Commerce Bureau, said it was out of the presence of a large security risk of online shopping milk and other reasons, the project will be canceled in the absence of a dairy business approved dairy. And dairy products, including infant formula milk products project.

the flow of Productivity Promotion Center dairy analyst Song Liang said.

"from the macroeconomic perspective, countries in order to promote the circulation of consumption, is now actively encourage the development of the electricity supplier, but before the" draft "to prevent milk online shopping policy direction and encouraged by the state policy is inconsistent, so the" final "required in the shop must have a distribution license and business license can the milk business is a policy of compromise scheme." Song Liang said.

March 28th, a person in Beijing city industry and Commerce Bureau confirmed to reporters that the new regulations will be officially implemented since the beginning of April 1st. Song Liang believes that the mall for Jingdong, Amazon and other large electricity providers as well as the establishment of direct marketing network of dairy enterprises >

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