Decline in the store the explosion of the supermarket sales 1 billion 500 million

lead: the impact of the Internet economy discussion can be heard without end, closed shop tide began scraper. Really do not shop



with the development of the times, people’s pace of life faster and faster, the supermarket has gradually become a luxury, more people are accustomed to go to the convenience store to buy things, and then quickly leave. In Italy there is a supermarket food like this, just the reverse, not only hit "slow food and healthy life" philosophy of life, the more "popular supermarket +" mode, in 2014 the world’s only 28 stores, the annual income of 220 million euros (about 1 billion 500 million yuan). A branch in New York, a day of people can reach 12800 people, the supermarket called: Eataly.


brand origin

Eataly’s name comes from the combination of English (Eat) and Italy (Italy), is the world’s largest, most varieties of Italy food supermarket. Eataly founder Oscar Farley. In hope to set up a persistent sense of responsibility, and to share the goal of food supermarket. So in 2007, Italy opened the first Eataly in Turin, immediately caused a sensation beyond imagination. Now, you can find the coordinates of the Eataly in every major city in Italy, and it is also extended to major cities in the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, the United Arab Emirates and other countries. Eataly in New York, Manhattan branch of a total investment of $20 million, opened in August 2011, shortly after the opening of the creation of a record 12800 visitors a day.

what makes Eataly so popular?


rule one, the ultimate experience deeply rooted

1, humanized design.

most of the time, we want to sell something to go the supermarket, must walk around the supermarket to find a cashier, but Eataly is different from the traditional supermarket customers, a door you can see the cashier, if customers worry, can directly buy something and not leave the checkout, walk around the supermarket.


2, subversion of the definition of traditional supermarkets.

Eataly is not just a food shopping supermarket, but also provides a way of life. Eataly positioned himself as the "slow food supermarket restaurant", so go, more like a food market, where not only display the splendid ingredients, and next to the table and a waiter, cook. There is a dining area next to each display area, the customer can choose the ingredients to go home cooking, you can also directly to the chef

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