Jingdong open service platform intends to service providers to collect traffic charges lower than Ta

[Reuters] the state power coming to the United States IPO Jingdong began to speed up the value-added service profit pace. San San – May 19th news, Jingdong open service platform officially settled into the service provider traffic charges.

and Tmall poly spire, Jingdong open service platform on the basis of the charges is to call the API service provider interface number. However, more than 500 thousand times the amount of free poly spire, free flow of Jingdong is relatively more stringent threshold.

provided by Jingdong fees, the general application has been released in service in the market, more than 300 thousand times a day, began to charge service, only advanced API interface, it can be 500 thousand times as the starting point.

and for different types of API interface, Jingdong fees charged to service providers are not the same. The lowest fee is 0.0001 yuan / times, mainly for the general API service market has been released; and the application of the service market is not released, beyond the free threshold, according to the $0.0008 / billing.


Jingdong traffic charges for service providers

it is understood that the new standards for the implementation of the flow rate has been officially opened, but in May for the trial period, only billing, no charge. In addition, service providers, such as the application has moved into the tripod, the implementation of 30 percent off discount bill.

at present, Jingdong open service platform to support the flow of charges to take after payment, while supporting pre recharge. Jingdong that allow service providers to the time limit for 7 days in arrears. From eighth onwards, the arrears account is running all Appkey are in arrears in suspended state cannot invoke interface.

obviously, charge fees to service providers has become a trend. Taobao since entering in 2014, began to tighten the management of service providers, and the introduction of a number of charging programs. For example, the value added services for the marketing interface class began to charge 10 to 150 thousand yuan margin. And later on ISV for the API interface calls more than 500 thousand times the charges.

is similar, the Jingdong also intends to strengthen the online trading software / application, such as ISV that provides software services for the Jingdong POP business, must be issued to the Jingdong service software services market, online trading. At the same time, for software / application developers, to take management measures to establish traffic management rules.

billion state power network to understand, SIV the number of Jingdong at the end of 2013 increased to 400; the open API interface from 70 at the beginning of last year, soared to 500 at the end of the year; number of APP application models in April from last year’s 18 jump to the end of 550.

Jingdong strive to continue to expand the coverage of API in 2014, the proportion of its orders to upgrade to more than 80% of the service market to enhance the coverage of the seller

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