Venture capital is not B2C Carnival feast

with the development and maturity of the network, more and more enterprises and individuals began to use the network to carry out the work, the status of the network is becoming more and more important. Since the network began to enter from the education information management simple to the field of business management, the network provides new opportunities for business and commercial also promoted the rapid development of the network, the two complement each other under the birth of a new business model for e-commerce marketing channels in different target market came into being. After a period of time in the commercial and trade activities in the extensive use of electronic commerce has gradually played a powerful role, and more and more people’s attention.

electronic commerce has broken the traditional marketing channels, through directly and quickly communicate with consumers, provide marketable products or services, not only reduce the number of circulation enterprises, reduce inventory, create more profits for the enterprise, improve the enterprise’s competitive ability, at the same time, profit to consumers, saving consumers total purchase cost, can stay at home to buy high quality and inexpensive products in a short period of time. E-commerce promotes the upgrading of enterprise marketing mode, but also promotes the transformation of people’s consumption concept, which has become the trend of the times.

Barrett, President of

Intel, said: "there is no e-commerce, enterprises can only wait for death." It is true that in this era of rapid development of e-commerce, e-commerce companies did not participate in the activities of the loss of more opportunities for competition. According to statistics, in 2008 the annual turnover of e-commerce market has exceeded 3 trillion mark, including: B2B market turnover reached $21480 billion, C2C market size reached 74 billion 400 million yuan, B2C market turnover reached $177 billion 600 million. This shows that the market potential of B2B is huge, but with the development of enterprises to a certain stage, B2B will no longer have a favorable space for development, and the rise of B2C has become a necessity. In today’s business activities, B2C e-commerce model has been used, whether it is some focus on the operations of the B2C website, or some enterprise’s official shop, reflects more and more enterprises have begun to try in the field of electronic commerce B2C.

face considerable development prospects of the B2C market, many venture capital institutions are on the market cake drool with envy. After investigation, the majority of investment institutions believe that in the current economic environment, investment in B2C projects is very favorable. In recent months, some of the economic strength of the B2C e-commerce enterprises have won the favor of venture capital institutions, from the fight to the small amount of investment funds, the development of the growth of enterprises has a positive role in promoting.

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B2C mode of electronic commerce, the rush on like a swarm of hornets as the current domestic development, the fastest, the shoesindustry B2C e-commerce platform access was the highest and largest making shoes is unusually calm, and clearly realized that venture capital is not a B2C Carnival feast. Take the shoe network that venture capital with high risk, in technology >

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