Jingdong easy fast finale spoilers Jingdong has settled fast and easy

editor’s note: on the recent Tencent stake in Jingdong, a lot of rumors, many versions. "China entrepreneur" magazine reporter Yuan Yin (WeChat Internet circle public number: heidouyy, or direct search "bean") is the exact internal news: Jingdong has began settled fast and easy, as the electricity supplier company long industrial chain, related assets more, so now people start on easy fast warehouses, inventory do inventory and related assets. Yuan Yin on the transaction information disclosure time points, fast and easy layoffs rumors, the two sides deal (including the amount of investment and shares), talked about their views.

if there is no accident, the Jingdong will be easy fast into the arms. According to black insider revealed that the Tencent shares of Jingdong, the merger of the two almost That’s final.

black beans can be made to prove this is an exact internal message. Jingdong has started to enter the easy and fast, due to the electricity supplier industry chain is longer, more related assets, so now it is easy to start fast warehouse, inventory and related assets inventory. And Liu Qiangdong did meet with Ma Huateng.

, however, Tencent and Jingdong have not formally signed, so it can not be said that the transaction is determined. Black beans that the move has two purposes: first, we must first check the assets it, before doing the investment and acquisition due diligence. Second, it also prepared for the merger, after all, inventory, warehousing and other resources are to be integrated in the future.

or the possibility of a small, some people out of a higher price or asset inventory is not smooth, the transaction on the shelf.

In addition to the black

broke the news, these two days there is a relatively new news, Yi Xun in the days held an internal meeting to announce the integration and preliminary program. It may be Friday, March 7th, or next Monday. It is understood beans, the meeting will be held next Monday. As long as the internal announcement, it will be announced. Tencent shares Sogou signed for Ma Huateng and Zhang Zhaoyang announced the day to the outside, this may be very similar to the estimate of black beans. HKEx also has this requirement.

these days there are rumors that the fast and easy CEO Bu Guangqi Stone may resign, the electricity supplier, the head of the general manager, there will be changes in Wu Xiaoguang, Yi Xun is also about layoffs. This news is both personal or black beans are inferred to verify the message is purely nonsense. We think, before the merger is a strategic level, many people are still in shock and emotional acceptance stage. And refinement has just begun, specific programs have to slowly consider, not so fast. As for Free and Stone, personal whereabouts also need time to consider, they have done so high position, are mature business people, will certainly make a rational decision.

there are so many rumors put out black, it is no accident. Mongolian chant, anyway, the answer is two, layoffs, layoffs, leave or stay, there is a 50% chance to say right! When word got out the guess who.

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