Taobao wireless system re integrated with the micro Amoy love Amoy

NetEase Francisco October 28th news, today, the Alibaba group wireless division announced its full open beta in the mobile phone Taobao client public account platform – micro Amoy, Amoy to the outside and platform of the business, Master media, olive branch, said it will open to users and data resources.

mobile phone at the same time, Taobao also announced that it will fully open up the existing Taobao PC terminal platform and mobile phone Taobao client, PC side of the "love Amoy platform and the mobile phone side of the micro Amoy platform" fit "for businesses and consumers to provide a seamless experience.

Senior director of Alibaba

wireless division Wang Hai said that in October this year, Ali group was determined with micro Amoy Amoy love with ideas began to integrate the two platform, currently the integration has been basically completed, in the micro Amoy after beta, PC end of the web page "love Amoy" content will switch into micro Amoy platform content, the contents of the message when all the micro Amoy public account in the wireless terminal is released, can be simultaneously displayed on the mobile phone client micro Amoy Amoy treasure channel and PC side of the page, "it also means that the account owner can obtain two mobile phone terminal and wireless terminal traffic."

also has the integration of the Taobao PC side of the key projects Amoy project. Wang Hai said, as long as early through the "Amoy brand" successful authentication of the seller, its name will be micro Amoy Amoy in advance in the comprehensive protection, micro Amoy after beta, "Amoy brand" will be the default for the micro Amoy account name, other users can not registered. (Sun Hongchao)

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