Clothing industry electricity supplier old and new integration of the reform or subversion

garment industry providers crazy still crazy after the industry is visible before the eyes, innovation, garment enterprises how to correctly position the

user to capture the hearts and minds?

fitting room just over to the rebel


August 3rd morning, I arrived home to open the WeChat circle of friends, how many friends think WeChat unified border "I’m reformers" photos, more strange is that the micro signal uniform is the name starry and avatar. Curious friends always tempted inner turmoil, have excited a first time, afraid to miss such a hot room.

previously, WeChat circle of friends short time is the fitting room burst point, followed by a big wave out to play. Today, WeChat is also the reformists circle of friends occupied room storm in the recent past, rebel and new ways to upgrade the tear forced


rebels, from ancient to modern times, or death. The hundred days reform, or direct the overthrow of the old Dynasty, the establishment of a new order. "Reform" so, what does it mean?

social media marketing, hot often, WeChat can be detonated circle of friends throughout the year is also one of the few, more and more enterprises are willing to go to a hot ride, saving energy, easy.


, the reformists broke a lot of hot spots, micro-blog WeChat micro-blog and WeChat users quickly in open play, students will be dragged down the number of Internet companies, sarcasm or via a ride or a new round of internet war is always the tear forced potential outbreak. Moreover, the list of Korean clothing care given WeChat graphic in enterprises are now well-known Internet companies, these enterprises with tear force, the absolute volume of small, it is worth seeing. However, most users still said very confused, obviously feel that this may be the marketing activities, but the starry hell do what, do not give a guide, even the official website goods are removed, it is two feet do not touch the mind. From the marketing point of view, have to say that the Korean homes have to play to play slip, has been fully mobilized to participate in the desire of users to stimulate the user’s curiosity, has completed the first step of the task. However, the answer would be unveiled, based on currently available information, all the news to the starry super big day activities will be carried out in August 10th, and launched Tmall Juhuasuan, the new type, its more than and 20 brands were involved in the new.

suspense period, users and home Jun Jun are very happy to play, and then wash the day of good clothes, this thing is perfect.

industry pioneer pioneer

?Before the

electricity supplier, the user used to buy clothes clothing store, I think this is a way of clothing consumption. After the electricity supplier, the clothing industry instantly detonated consumer demand for online users, just a few years time, the rapid growth of clothing electricity supplier, the rapid expansion of the scale of the industry. After a few years, the clothing electricity supplier is no longer strange, and even difficult, the industry may once again enter the shuffle period, hanging a line of life and death. Clothing electricity supplier, or clothing industry, perhaps there can be a

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