Winter has been to buy companies how to warm

no matter what kind of defects in the business model, no doubt, our lives have been involved in a "special" world. The selection of the best products, is one of the indispensable consumer shopping behavior. So why will evolve into such a consumption model? What is the driving force behind it? This will not form the future has been the existence of consumption patterns?

obviously, the winter has come to buy, Groupon is no longer representative of the group. Even business school professors and experts are questioning the sustainability of this consumption model. The domestic group purchase enterprises in large quantities in the capital chain problems, such as the collapse of the phenomenon; the media is constantly fraud broke the consumer attitudes of group purchase group purchase; has become neither friendly nor aloof attitude.


can not help but ponder: whether this "group purchase network preferential" will allow consumers to develop a greedy and mercurial temperament. Once the concerns come true, then the consumer brand loyalty training and the desire to buy the brand will be reduced, which is very unfavorable for businesses. Since this is a consumer and businesses have not been able to profit model, it is inevitable that enterprises group purchase. Indeed, businesses are most concerned about the loyalty of consumer groups and consumer spending again, and consumers are most concerned about is the purchase of the product in the premise of sufficient quality is sufficient.

according to the survey data show that: China’s first discount coupons to consumers the proportion reached 67%, while the city white-collar for special products are also very happy. Still remember in February 2011, in the official website of sina Travelzoo released a travel package information: Thailand hot spring resort three days value package, booking price of only $1700, which is equivalent to the original price of 65% off. When the news was forwarded in a few days up to 3000 times, the 2000 set in a few days was snapped up empty. This is sufficient to prove that the vast majority of consumers are keen on ex gratia products.

so, what is the ability to buy the company failed to pass on the core value to businesses and consumers, or in a substantial expansion of the trend lost its direction?

in my opinion, is the latter. No matter what kind of loopholes in the business model of Groupon, we should not forget the fact that the second half of 2010, the number of Groupon mail order is 50 million, while in August 2011 this figure increased to 115 million. From this we can see that consumers are curious and interested in buying. Therefore, we should face up to the strong demand for consumer products and special obsession, and do not think that the emergence of all kinds of problems have been cut. And this is not due to the economic decline, inflation and other factors, but from the nature of consumers.

not only that, but also reflects the pursuit of consumer products in the consumer process reflects the ability to control: with the least money to get the maximum value of the product. Price of nobility

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