The analysis of the three risks of local community websites in E commerce


in recent years is the rapid development of e-commerce era, many types of sites are implanted in the e-commerce services related to electronic commerce, after all profits than just advertising is much higher, but also have the potential and more stable, so now basically formed the electronic commerce occupation like a swarm of bees from this situation, on the other hand increased e-commerce competition brings adverse effects to the normal development of electronic commerce, according to news reports, so far this year on e-commerce site has been closed down thousands of electronic commerce in the fierce competition, the survival of the fittest phenomenon has appeared


indeed, now micro-blog, SNS, local community sites appeal to grassroots webmaster is very large, these sites also easily and e-commerce together, for these types of sites bring new profit growth point, but compared to the SNS website, where the community website in electronic commerce, will have a certain risk, and even lead to the failure of fusion, so to avoid these risks is very important, here I come to summarize the major risk of


: Electronic Commerce and the shopping website is


many local community website in the integration of e-commerce, just open a separate channel, is related to the big shopping, said, e-commerce is a complete system, sometimes rely solely on the site is very difficult to build up the electronic commerce website, with now more well-known Jingdong mall, etc., these types of e-commerce website B2C has suffered serious losses, now Jingdong mall also abandoned Alipay deal, which will greatly influence the development of the Jingdong store, do not be able to see e-commerce to the small side! This is a key factor in the formation of the risk of


two: e-commerce mainly rely on the integrity of the system

many local community website that he has been very loyal users, in good faith should not have what problem, but related to shopping, this credibility is on the other hand, so the integrity system of local community and loyal users of e-commerce is two! Because e-commerce must first visibility the seller, the real name authentication, future buyers will be to the real name authentication, because the supervision of the current e-commerce is still relatively small, so it is easy to form a cheating and being cheated online shopping case, thus affecting the consumer confidence in the e-commerce platform! So the local community websites in the operation of the electronic commerce, must increase efforts to rebuild credit system


three: e-commerce site operating threshold is very high local community is difficult to play

e-commerce to business success, in addition to the website and the integrity of the system, but also a lot of things under wired to do, such as the logistics system, such as the industrial chain, such as the relevant technology and maintenance etc. all need to spend a lot of money, many industry celebrities are betting now to play electric.

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