Talk about the failure of Sogou domain name sogou com

In May 2005, I often go to the major search forum, which has Sogou search forum, and made a few comments on the above, one of which is the issue of the domain name. My personal feeling is that the domain name is really not how, Mr. Zhang Zhaoyang estimates are influenced by the movie "big shot", and thus have to be under the circumstances of Sogou, the domain name can not be. In my opinion the Sohu’s friends very seriously, Winnie miss Wang Jing sent me a lovely fox as a small gift, let me feel very overwhelmed by an unexpected favour! They can not think of a small point of view on the forum so much attention, it seems that Sogou is really on the ground to catch up with the opponent, to reproduce the year in the search market boss style!

remember I was in the Sohu Forum on Sogou suggestions but most have been adopted, including the directory search directory layout and some other small details. But I don’t respond to the domain name. Indeed, since the domain name has been identified and carried a lot of packaging, it is very difficult to think of change.

A few days ago:

1, Sogou source estimation is the "heavyweight" in a line: "they" Sohu "," we all found the Sogou. "!" However, this old movie has been a matter of years, and now who still remember the Internet users, Sogou desire to borrow the wind is a bit difficult.

2, Sogou as a new network brand netizens should be how to access? four domain names seem to be Sogou consciousness, it looks like the first 2 domain name is more suitable for Sogou awareness. The domain name gives the impression that in English was not suitable for neither fish nor fowl, Internet access habits!

3, Sogou choose the domain name is the result of what? Not only can not borrow the "known" the film wind, instead of the domain name to send dongfeng! For those of US internet veterans, the domain name will remember Sogou wrong times, don’t ask what new users feel! So Sogou to promote their domain name is estimated to spend a few times the cost of promotion in order to allow users to remember correctly!

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