Nie Wenbiao Devine diamond business O2O endowment can be more beautiful

editor’s note: People’s life depends on their own, everyone in the face of the problem, the need never give up attitude. Devine, as the diamond industry leader, it is not only representative of the electricity supplier, from the foundation is a kind of attitude towards life, the most powerful in the world is the first enterprise itself, from the internal to strengthen their own, strengthen the company’s own brand product design quality, and employee spirit.

speed transit network in Shenzhen in July 12th (Xinhua Zhang Fan) feature Devine, one of the earliest China diamond e-commerce company. Founded in 2005, relying on network sales, to subvert the traditional high-tech diamond sales model, so that jewelry to the public.

July 5th, the speed transit network reporter interviewed the invited into the low-key and mysterious enterprise, with the majority of readers together on speed transit tunnels China jewelry sales.

confidence source

chairman Devine Nie Wenbiao, engaged in the diamond industry as early as mid 90s, agents of foreign diamond business, also has many years of experience in processing of 0EM diamond. The same quality under his leadership, compared with the traditional network, Aveni jewelry store price price, usually 30% discount, and some even reached 70%, let a person stare tongue.

moment, O2O model in the field of electricity providers like a raging fire, but speculation, Aveni CEO Nie Wenbiao expressed different views to speed transit network reporter: "Zhou Dasheng is one of our shareholders, have more than 2 thousand jewelry stores, and those who do not have the next line store based O2O mode of operation of the diamond business enterprise, even give they can not catch up with us for 30 years."

in the jewelry industry, people familiar with Nie Wenbiao, he was born in most of the classified Cobain professionals, this is due to his past experience. Nie Wenbiao was in the Chinese domestic market sales of international brands, such as Cartire, Bvlgari, Tiffany, and Zhou Dafu, Zhou Shengsheng and other famous brands of Hongkong brand supply sources, in his efforts, with the largest local diamond Chinese d’aveni one retailer Zhou Dasheng strategic alliance.

ultimate experience

Although the Internet is like

who are singing for the innovation of marketing channel revolution, but even so, in the present Chinese, Internet still can not change the fundamental business at the same time, how to attract online and offline customers become the key.

of course, as one of the luxury, online shopping diamond has gradually become a trend, in fact, most people have not fully accepted jewelry online shopping, we need to wait. Once the market acceptance, and will cooperate with Zhou Dasheng, the two thousand stores will open up a personalized custom place, to achieve a high degree of integration of online and offline." Nie Wenbiao insists.

Devine currently, more than 2 thousand stores under the line of the year sales of 20 billion, more than 8 years of entrepreneurship, Devine also accumulated a total of about 300000 of the customers in the city of london. The huge number of customers to make more

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