Alibaba micro blog interview fangcaode well known network operators


: Hello, how do you look at the small cost of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship projects now so much, how should we choose, do not know what you have good suggestions?

answer: Hello: since it is a small cost of entrepreneurship, it is necessary to dial 42 pounds to make full use of all available resources. According to your current situation (geographical, age, professional, strengths, contacts, etc.) to find the most suitable for their own projects. How much does it cost to spend, what effect is expected, and how to maximize the resource? Is it worthwhile to invest time cost in the short term?. Just think about it. Good luck!

ask: Hello, what factors need to start a business, how to start the business and how to do it well?

Answer: Hello, rabbit

, entrepreneurial factors: opportune, indispensable! Industry background, policies and regulations related to reference. Combined with their own resources. Now is not the reckless era, before the start of all kinds of factors must be careful thought good. How to start a business and how to do it? —- in addition to: integration of resources, clever use of good. But also the team as a whole, and efficient implementation of the


asked: many people want to work, to start as turning over their own policies, but many people have failed, Ma Yun said the 100 individual entrepreneurs, 99 failed to become the 1%, the probability is very small, but there are a lot of people are trying to become the 1% in the end, people have those qualities? Whether everyone is suitable for business


answer: Although the business tide raging like a storm since the choice of the road of entrepreneurship, and go through, back is not necessarily the most afraid of wisdom, where I was a waste of time! In addition to business people encounter setbacks, insist again. There are no more good traits, resources, funds almost the case, adhere to the serious dedication to do one thing, for many years, such as one day to win the other side is the 1% groups.

Q: now Taobao shop is also more and more difficult to do, if you want to venture, now is not the other way to consider the


answer: Taobao opened a new "good unlimited" is the original good name unknown. Suggested concern. If you want to start your own business can be combined with multi-channel development, business after a period of time to find their own profit model to do fine. Participate in the gang, watching the crown shop operation mode, benefit by mutual discussion.

asked: I always have money will invest in e-commerce, the loss of work, money and investment, so repeatedly, but no fruit, by family and friends as a bully people, how to get my

way in the end?

answer: the beginning of the family and friends do not understand is very normal. But you also need to analyze the causes of the situation. Put money where? Whether the project selection problem? Marketing channels? Business products in the short term to see results? How long does it take to verify the effectiveness of reputation? Or do you have business process repeatedly >

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