Mobile electricity supplier dressing assistant Jingdong 10 million investment


technology today exclusively learned in the automotive electricity supplier BITAUTO shares heavily, Jingdong and a stake in the community before the mobile platform dressing assistant. Jingdong insiders have confirmed that the investment settled.

this is the B round of financing assistant to get dressed, the size of this round of financing more than ten million U.S. dollars, but Tencent technology temporarily unable to verify the specific financing scale. This round of financing in addition to Jingdong to participate in the investment, dressing assistant another investor is a wholly owned subsidiary of Temasek group investment.

The founder of

dressing assistant for 85 after Gu Ying Sakura, the 22 year old co founded Hangzhou city science and technology, 25 year old cash shares to achieve financial freedom, 2012 and decided to seize the mobile Internet opportunities to venture, in September of that year on the release of dressing assistant.

to sell the business through the combination of collocation "in the form of dressing assistant to show the unique style, the same taste to attract users to become a fan. The dressing assistant platform for each buyer is collocation fashion from the media, the community impact directly into economic benefits.

said Gu Yingying told the Tencent interview with science and technology, upgrading the electricity supplier of 90 Internet aborigines increased, and open the new era of national electricity supplier, electricity users Chinese slowly began to appear stratification, appeared a group of "quality in the electricity users in the crowd".

features of this group of people is willing to spend a lot of time to do the "Amoy" behavior, and would like to go to a quality platform (perhaps the price is not the lowest whole network platform), stable buy high quality products, quality and business core is good".

dress assistant said that the beautiful and, are the electricity supplier shopping from Amoy goods into shopping". Pay attention to the short frequency fast mobile shopping era, to provide users with time and cost savings shopping mode, the difference is that more emphasis on dressing assistant".

dressing assistant financing by Chang Bin, vice president of investment in Jingdong is responsible for finalizing, this round of financing has 3 main purposes:

1, create quality supplier of the supply chain system, through the establishment of strict audit, tracking and evaluation system to strict selection and optimization of dressing assistant settled stores, and maintain a dynamic elimination system.

2, the establishment of a brand service center, standing before the seller, to provide a one-stop shop for the purchase of clothing support services and standardized shopping services.

3, enhance brand awareness, accumulate more users.

informed sources, the current Jingdong still belongs to the stage of testing the waters, but in the field of investment, Jingdong logic in terms of investment has been very clear, the main direction is to focus on the main business, investment business, Internet banking and universal intelligent hardware etc..

analysts pointed out that Jingdong overwhelmed investment assistant dressing, should be valued for the position of its female electricity supplier entrance. Dress assistant on the user 99% is a woman, Jingdong brand relative partial male, therefore, the two sides have a lot of cooperation in the field of female users.

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