Wheat bag CEO Ye Haifeng high end product speed change is the magic weapon to win

"to buy a bag of wheat bags?!" this is the Jiaxing wheat bags leather Co. Ltd. a slogan, now has become a large family to buy a pack of pet phrase. In the 10 years ago, the traditional market is still difficult to see the wheat bags, 3 years ago in the network about it yet "legend", but nowadays, the electronic commerce to carry out the wheat bags is becoming a successful mode of being constantly imitated, even written into the "textbook". Just a few years, the electronic commerce of the wheat bags to develop so rapidly, thanks to its founder and CEO Ye Haifeng.

start empty-handed reverse thinking

1997, Ye Haifeng graduated from the Xi’an Institute of textile engineering, out of the campus after he was lucky to find counterparts in enterprises, working on the design of luggage products foreign trade company, it is this experience to Ye Haifeng, after the success of the foundation. "I was mainly doing consulting work, is to help businesses find foreign factories in China, to do OEM products." Ye Haifeng said, through this work, I have a basic understanding of the needs of foreign products, as well as the status of domestic production, but also on the design, production, sale of the entire link are very familiar with the. Made a few years later, found that the domestic market still has great potential, so he started his own business."

2000, Ye Haifeng began to build their own team, self employment, and then Ye Haifeng will ever outward attention to China, while the other side and does not give up you are very familiar with the foreign market, in both hands, both hands "concept, received the first single customer from Italy, since then wheat bags gradually rise into the period.

e-commerce second venture

October 2006, in order to maintain the premise of traditional sales, wheat bags officially opened the site, and then enter the Taobao shopping network. "This is my second venture." Ye Haifeng evaluation of wheat bags into the field of e-commerce, it is difficult to start, but we withstood the pressure to hold down, and soon in 2008 to enter the right track." Ye Haifeng introduction, 1 years ago, the traditional sales of more than online sales, but the results of the two have been flat this year: the long-term development of wheat bags is to adhere to the electronic model, which will not change."

and general Ye Haifeng network to sell bags, wheat bags enterprises have their own designers, factories and terminal channels. "Production, R & D and two marketing, we have their own complete industrial chain." Ye Haifeng said, it is this advantage, so that wheat bags can be changed at any time according to market products, in order to meet the needs of different groups of people need: high-end, product speed is one of the magic weapon."

currently has 13 bags of Wheat Free brand, specializing in hundreds of electronic commerce customer center staff, is the company’s fastest-growing sector, wheat bags positioning for the target population, at the age of 16-35 years old female consumers.

envisaged in the future to build a logistics center in Sichuan

with the success of the wheat bag e-commerce, Ye Haifeng

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