Banks enter the e commerce market is fate


the legend of 19 billion 100 million attracted a large number of traditional enterprises into e-commerce, even the banks are beginning to test the waters of electronic commerce, China Chinese bank, construction bank, ICBC have been equipped with their own online store, a variety of goods is everything, and Home Furnishing, digital ticket, software is not a superb collection of beautiful things, to understand why the the big banks have started to enter the e-commerce, it is of great interest with electronic commerce? But for the current e-commerce sector, with Taobao, and other Jingdong large electronic business enterprise, a small electronic mall all is beyond count, now this time into e-commerce, with the soup in the middle can do? In the middle, should eat only cooked "cake". Of course, all of this is attributed to the large number of Internet users is extremely fond of online shopping, or even rely on e-commerce, huge profits surge brings, is sure to make a lot of people jealous, inevitable banks into e-commerce is the development of the.

look at what banks into e-commerce

1 Bank of China (


Bank of China electronic mall is mainly engaged in electronic digital products, home and jewelry, etc.. We just point to open a product, with ipad2 16G as an example, its price is 2880, the net price we can see 16G the iPad price is 2649 in the Jingdong offer, quoted in the official website is 2988, if the price according to the official website of the words, the price is relatively cheap, but if the Jingdong then, first in the price is a little lost, but now the logistics Jingdong, its distribution is faster than the speed of delivery of China bank to be much faster, so the above products can be seen Chinese bank electronic mall does not have advantages in price, but the only advantage is that you can only support credit installment, of course this is a pity card. Although there is no online shopping to overcome, but there are free 400 phone inquiries for users, but also to make up for this shortcoming.

2 ICBC (



Industrial and Commercial Bank of

electronic mall wider coverage, ticket, card, department stores, digital products and so on, is really a "rich and colorful". We open the apple (Apple) ipad Mini tablet computer products, ICBC’s quoted price is 2999, then we will check the ZOL website (Apple iPad) Apple Mini tablet computer price, the apple online store price is 2498, ICBC’s price was significantly higher than that of the apple online store.

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