Transformation of the retail electricity supplier the biggest problem facing

Hanjo Schneider is currently a member of the board of directors of OTTO group, while serving as chief executive officer of Hermes Europe. OTTO for fashion and leisure activities to provide e-commerce, mail order, retail multi-channel retail, also provide credit for enterprise customers, cash flow management and other financial services and procurement, logistics, warehousing and other three party service.

In the short span of a few years, the traditional retail business of

has been greatly impacted by the electronic commerce. In the past, the retail channel also includes a mail order catalog and TV shopping, but now business is accelerating losing market share. In second of the world’s largest B2C electricity supplier group OTTO board member, Hermes Europe CEO Hanjo Schneider view, not only is the network, mobile devices have been gradually beginning to become more effective new shopping channel. Although there are many retailers have been aware of this, but the key problem is that they don’t understand the electricity providers and other new channels of sales logic, just copy the store products to e-commerce channels is not feasible.

What is the biggest change in the development of

CBNweekly: retail channels,


Hanjo Schneider: different retail channels are complementary to each other. In the foreseeable future, intelligent mobile phone, tablet computer and other mobile terminals as a vigorous momentum of emerging retail channel will have great development space, it will also be the future of retail channels, especially the new direction of the development of electronic commerce. This generation of young people with the growth of smart phones, they also have a strong ability to absorb technology, will become very important in the future and a huge consumer purchasing power, which is a trend can not be reversed. In the past, people need to spend a lot of money to buy a computer, high-speed Internet rental costs are very expensive, and mobile phones and other mobile devices are relatively low prices, they make online shopping easier. This is the innovation of mobile devices for the retail channel.

C: many traditional retailers began to plan to become an electricity supplier, what is the biggest problem they face


S: will be successful in the future is bound to find the effective mode of operation of the online and offline retailers, based on the development of the electricity supplier in the store is the only way. But now the biggest problem is that many large shopping malls and stores and other retailers are just as the electricity supplier will be the retail channel in a branch of the newly added, they just copied to the online merchandise store sales. But in fact, they need to try to do more, such as understanding the Internet, understand how electricity supplier is one thing. There are a number of Companies in emerging markets such as Chinese achieved great success, a lot of good sales performance of the store, they are very difficult to timely pay close attention to the development of the electricity supplier channels, that the development of the electricity supplier channels not so will.

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