Home Furnishing website is the right way to develop O2O

home industry has been involved in the electricity supplier has been a controversial topic. In some industry view, and now the electricity supplier has become the inevitable trend of the development of traditional enterprises in the future, and the home industry is no exception. Even the industry is very optimistic about the prospects of the home appliance industry electricity supplier, pointing out that the home industry in the next five years there will be a sales of 40% will be completed online. But there are also many people are not optimistic about the home industry electricity supplier, and claimed that the home industry is not to say that five years is not necessarily what the climate of ten years.

compared with other industry sites, home industry website has more specificity. And these special refers to the home industry shopping experience, logistics and distribution, customer service and so on, and these issues are exactly where the controversy.

home industry specificity

home industry is the particularity of the home industry’s shopping experience, logistics and customer service, and so on, we are here to IKEA as an example. Recently, the British Financial Times reported that IKEA home electricity providers to create additional categories, and to create a low-cost distribution model. In fact, IKEA in the field of electricity supplier development has been relatively slow. Although IKEA Home Furnishing with operations in forty countries around the world but only ten countries IKEA Home Furnishing trying to wade the electricity supplier, and general sales category is limited.

IKEA home in the home industry has been a big brand, and IKEA home is popular because of its unique shopping experience. Such as the establishment of a unique restaurant in the stores, has a variety of facilities designed for children involved and let people freely lying bed, sofa and so on, these unique shopping experience is the best place to attract consumers. However, if you move it all online, it is difficult to achieve such a good shopping experience.

in addition to home site logistics and customer service is also an urgent need to solve the problem. If these can not be well resolved, then the home site will not be favored by consumers. And this is also the main problem has been restricting the electricity supplier IKEA home.

Home Furnishing website needs to convert ideas O2O mode is the right way to

although the home industry is a special industry, shopping experience, distribution mode and after-sales service, etc. to a certain extent, the development of the home site constraints. However, the real constraints on the development of the home site is not these, but people’s own ideas.

people in the unique impression that the home site must go B2C mode, but because of the B2C model for most of the development of the home site, there are too many constraints. However, we may wish to change ideas. Today, O2O (online and offline) mode has begun to be popular in some of the service industries, the home is more biased in favor of the service industry may be worth learning from.

first, we come from the home shopping experience

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