n January 19th 268 yuan glory WiFi wall treasure Jingdong Vmall first pin

January 19th, the glory of third new products – intelligent Home Furnishing Liyingwaihe, full signal "Pavilion" glory WiFi wall treasure, followed by Pro, voice glory glory routing box sales pace, officially landed HUAWEI mall, Jingdong mall opened the whole network first pin, the price of 268 yuan / group. The glory of WiFi wall treasure can undertake and expand the network router massive data, and the signal is spread to the whole network of residential, completely solve the problem of WiFi dead room there, is a new signal of expanding the artifact.


as a signal of expanding the network equipment, the glory of WiFi wall treasure Jack sent directly to WiFi, drainage, network data transmission to the family network, breaking the barrier walls of the network signal, the network no longer room structure limits, as early as the reservation period is caused by a large number of net friend attention and reservation. And in January 19th the glory of WiFi wall treasure first pin during the purchase, users have the opportunity to extract the glory of 6Plus, Pro, voice glory glory routing box and glory headset heavy gift. You want to purchase users can register in advance HUAWEI mall, mall Jingdong account, in order to buy the new equipment to expand the signal.

signal good room is the source of

has the power room can be compared with the signal! WIFI amplifier is subject to the location and distance restrictions, the glory of Wi-Fi wall treasure Jack WiFi function directly with the power jack divergence signal, plug and play. Glory Wi-Fi wall treasure make the room every jack can change the signal emitter, and the wire into the cable, through the circuit without obstacles through walls, strong anti-interference ability, the instantaneous signal full grid room. In the bathroom, the room is small signal insulation position in a partition wall, glory Wi-Fi treasure of the "wall" signal transferred to the mobile phone, tablet and other terminal, users don’t have to worry about the existence of dead WiFi. Particularly worthy of one of the glory, Wi-Fi wall treasure by wire covering WiFi, with the family as the unit meter protection signal, not by other users rub network meter.


radiation safety and beautiful home partner


strongly expand the signal of glory Wi-Fi wall treasure, but the intelligent products of electromagnetic radiation to a minimum. Glory Wi-Fi wall Po WiFi power density 2dBm/MHz, radiation equivalent to only mobile phone 1/30, using a long time in the bedroom, the study will not harm health. 4.5 watts of ultra low power consumption to ensure the glory of Wi-Fi wall treasure, power consumption is only about 3 degrees. The glory of WiFi wall treasure with more stringent than similar products 5000 meters above sea level, safety standards, to eliminate the risk of electric shock and high barrier; the fuselage two layer of fireproof material, inner fire cover isolation power board, outer flame retardant grade V0 fireproof materials. Product design glory Wi-Fi wall safe treasure, also take into account the real.

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