Ali turnover is still thinking about breaking 3 trillion behind

news March 22nd, 2:58 yesterday afternoon 37 seconds, from the end of the fiscal year 2016 Alibaba group is 10 days, the Alibaba China retail market in fiscal year 2016 total real commodity trading (GMV) exceeded 3 trillion yuan, will become the world’s largest retail platform. A unit of time Ali with such precise statistics to a service node, or last year the participants’ madness "double 11".


Zhang Yong, who was working for the Alibaba group’s CEO position for a full year, announced the news in Hangzhou, but his face was calm and his voice was gentle, and there was no sign of excitement in the

. He’s behind this landmark figure, thinking more about non GMV stuff.

according to the first Financial Daily reporters statistics, 3 trillion means that the average daily turnover of more than 8 billion 200 million, according to the real exchange rate converted into dollars, is $463 billion 900 million. If the Alibaba on the 2015 GDP world rankings, with twenty-seventh identity in this list, Thailand and more than $412 billion 700 million, while in twenty-fourth to 26 in Belgium, Norway and Poland.

this year turnover also allows the Alibaba with international retail giant WAL-MART 2015 GMV digital flat, in March 31st the end of the fiscal year, it may be beyond the latter, to become the world’s largest retail trading platform. WAL-MART used 54 years to achieve the annual turnover of the figure of 3 trillion.

is a public impression of the magnitude of the trillion or when the former Prime Minister 4 trillion bailout. In recent years, Ma Yun on several occasions to praise the Internet, especially e-commerce as the main body of the new economy boom, as in traditional exports, investment and consumption "three carriages", driving a new force China economy.

focused on Ali, which in 2012 reached the platform GMV 1 trillion yuan, about two years later, this figure reached 2 trillion, and then more than a year, up to today’s 3 trillion. From the time interval, the target of achieving 1 trillion growth per year is diminishing.

in this regard, Zhang Yong in the afternoon of 21 to accept the "First Financial Daily" said in an interview with reporters, which benefited from the macro and micro factors in the macro businesses and consumers to embrace the Internet is changing the way of shopping, micro Alibaba over the past two years in the wireless terminal upgrade. He said that in the last quarter, 70% of the transaction is taking place in the mobile terminal, each quarter has nearly 400 million consumers in the end of Ali wireless consumption.


the serene Zhang Yong think? In fact, the Alibaba in the past 13 years (from the birth of Taobao) accumulation reached the number 3 trillion, largely due to the past 7, 8 years with Chinese electricity supplier of the demographic dividend, and the last two years. "

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