The acquisition of a few steps to fast money Wanda electricity supplier

Wanda and fast money recently signed a strategic investment agreement, Wanda holding right get fast money, but money will continue to operate independently and Guan Guoguang continue to serve as chairman and chief executive officer of the company fast money, Wanda in accelerating the transformation of a significant step.

increase electricity supplier core strength

2012, Wanda Group plans to enter e-commerce, issued a million annual salary of CEO recruitment information. Wang Jianlin even said, in addition to Ma and Liu Qiangdong, who can dig. When people are immersed in the sound of questioning Wanda Wanda, Wanda began frantically digging people plan. With the on-line Wan ibusiness, Wanda electricity supplier O2O mode once again pushed tuyere.

in the network believes that Wanda electricity supplier in the group due to the lack of the right to speak, the development is subject to constraints, resulting in the electricity supplier executives have been hired and then ran away. With the departure of CEO Gong Yitao, COO Ma Haiping, Wanda electricity supplier will silence.

2014, Wanda will be the full development of the electricity supplier company into the second half of the eight plan. Wang Jianlin said Wanda electricity supplier’s core work is about 3 years to find a profit model, even if it is not profitable, but also to let him see the profit direction. In addition to the development of its own O2O electronic business platform, Wanda and Baidu, Tencent jointly set up Teng million electricity supplier company.

and Ali, Jingdong and other electricity supplier giants, Wanda is not short of money. Why is always a little bit of thunder and rain, an important reason is the lack of its own payment tools wanda. Lack of payment tools, which means that the next line of business resources Wanda electricity supplier system is difficult and effective docking.

payment as a key part of the transaction, not only bind the user’s identity, bank card information, but also to analyze the user consumption, behavior habits and other data. Lack of their own means of payment, which means that competitors are likely to get this information, the development of electricity providers pose a threat.

data guide electricity supplier

Shen network believes that, now, big data has become a hot word people relish, the infiltration of each industry and functional areas. Based on the analysis of large data has become an important factor of production. The lack of closed loop data, so Wanda O2O electricity supplier model is difficult to see substantial progress, but also to the lack of direction guidance Wanda Department Store sales.

fast money occupy China Mobile payment market fourth ranking, the top three for Alipay, caifutong, unionpay. Fast money as the first batch of third party payment company, has a history of 9 years of development. Based on many years of accumulated operating data fast money, Wanda can quickly get mature third party payment resources to make up for the short board on the business, to help Wanda electricity supplier to establish a member, big data system.

Introduction of

curve electricity supplier talent

2014, Wanda in the second half of the eight plans repeatedly stressed the need for talent. But experienced electricity supplier executives after the unrest, the outside world of Wanda electricity supplier development confidence greatly reduced.


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