Amoy Blue Ocean the budget is a little bit drill how to cast

after the end of the Spring Festival, most of the clothing store is the overall idea of the new section of the spring, the promotion of the use of diamond booth for a short time can bring a lot of traffic for the shop to prepare for the subsequent explosion. The following, tp_ help Amoy use a case to illustrate the diamond booth for a small budget put the strategy, hoping to operate diamond booth friends inspired.

a case shop overview

This shop is 4

grade crown, favorable rate 98.68%, the main category is maternity. The main shops of low-cost maternity, this kind of store customers is relatively strong, in the process of promotion of diamond booth should pay attention to in the delineation of precise marketing groups. Daily 300 budget launch.


two, diamond booth delivery program

1, booth selection

because before the launch of a similar account, the location of choice or experience to follow. Wireless end trading has become a trend, whether it is the electricity supplier platform or merchant shops, wireless terminal traffic, turnover has shown a steady upward trend. The wireless terminal is good for maternal and child products, because the identity of the reasons, the mothers lifestyle that — because they don’t have time resident in front of a computer, will take the baby in the fragments of time through mobile phone wireless devices such as shopping, shopping, browsing the web, reading, watching movies and so on. So if when pushing the maternal and child products can choose some appropriate location of the wireless terminal, which may have good effect.



These locations are above

wireless wireless terminal can try to better position, but recently the first wireless app coke higher price, I have only 300 of the budget, so I chose the wireless touchpad less competitive position.


in addition to the wireless terminal location, I also chose the Taobao home page spread 1 tests, Taobao 2, 3 screen position after algorithm optimization, the flow is very high quality, for maternity need accurate flow category is appropriate.


2, landing page: landing page, click on the page from the ad Click to see the page. Landing page is the home page of the shop, the shop directly to the home re decoration, the explosion and the new classification on the home page in a prominent position. Although you can do a classification page, but in order to put the experience, there is no test to a better shop.

3, material: because the shop do train, so the choice of material drilling exhibition can refer to train, select into better baby do material, in addition also need a creative copywriting or promotional information, good picture test, test 3 days later, Select >

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