One plus one 11team Echoes of the rainbow

from a certain moment I began to feel as if I were writing off my clothes naked

today feel childish has evolved false cloak to show off and then to now calm is called growth

how can it be so long separated from each other and you think it’s only a few years since

I stubbornly think I don’t need to change but around the years in

once I thought, after hard work, you can enjoy success, the pursuit of their own happiness will be as scheduled. But in the process of struggle in the road station I found that time is a thief, stolen, stolen, stolen young youth passion. And I didn’t have time to ask myself, what did I get?

at the end of June 2010 graduation, now two years, just by "A5 – kingsuper essay (" to give yourself a summary and planning. In the past two years, from June 2010 to the end of 2010, has been doing is the site of the work of art. Like the majority of graduates from the "urban village", "expired instant noodles" came all the way.

this work just after graduating from a period of transition, but accidentally noticed was very popular "auction network", resolutely start. Take sixty thousand with family friends and relatives to borrow the beginning of the first venture in life, on the other auction network, for PHP programmers to do. February 10, 2011 from the site to the line in May 1, 2011, less than three months to declare failure. Including procedures, sources, customers, family and friends support and many other factors. The first time I failed in my life:

1, foreign business model in China need to rethink.

2, venture capital should be careful to take full account of various factors.

3, entrepreneurial team passion, the spirit of the master is the key to success or failure.

frankly, the failure did not give me much psychological burden, perhaps young. But then this venture failed to steal a lot of things.

in the venture to get to know a friend, the network company background, every day touted to do more than make money network companies, more simple, etc.. So I invested 20 thousand, he was in charge of the beginning of my pit father. Network company well, business is difficult, peer competition, I understand, but in the process of cooperation, I gradually found that the old man is by my company in doing his own business. The business continued until the end of 2011, during which more than compensate earn less.

the two entrepreneurial experience although written some ridiculous, but there are still many details in the sour, sweet, bitter, hot taste, I also learned a lot of things, adhere to human nature. Though they stole my faith and courage,

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