Suning comprehensive benchmarking nternet Co how Zhang Jindong straight up


DoNews February 27th news (reporter Yu Weiwei) on February 26th, the 2015 anniversary of the signing of the responsibility of the signing of the General Assembly on behalf of Suning, Suning chairman of the board of directors proposed a new Su Ning, the new rhythm, the tone of the work of.

on the new Su Ning, Zhang Jindong interpreted as "Suning has gone through a toddler, a strong move stage", and revealed that in the cloud, big data, o2o, open platform application technology more and more mature, logistics and customer service experience is getting better, and commercial operators, terminal and background fusion more and more smooth.

and the new rhythm refers to Suning will no longer line on-line, with innovative open Internet thinking, and comprehensively promote the core work of the three year, the overall growth of the comprehensive benchmarking of Internet Co.

for the three core objectives of the year 2015, Suning’s specific strategic approach is:

first, through the Internet to create the ultimate single product retail business mode for C2B, Crowdsourcing: year will focus on intelligent equipment, intelligent Home Furnishing, green agriculture, baby safety and other areas, to create more than one million mobile phone, TV, air conditioning products, expand the 100 characteristics of agricultural products production base and source of cooperation. For more than 5 million of households to provide customized baby safety products;

second, O2O model innovation of the Internet channel mode: landing cloud store, opened services in the 1500 County town station market, the establishment of campus clubs in 500 universities in 50 of a second tier city;

third, with an open mind to create a network of the integration of the three streams retail ecosystem:

2015 logistics warehousing area will reach 5 million square meters, more than 90% villages and towns to achieve the next day, and $10 million to support the third party developers, the two quarter full opening of retail public cloud services, big data analysis, supply chain management, precision marketing and other personalized application services. And Suning nearly 5 small and micro partners, providing low threshold, low cost, a key response to the supply chain financial services. (end)

attached to his speech:

15 year goal: never likely to be full of confidence

14 years of transformation of the Internet we turned the corner from the straight road, before the Spring Festival we have held the Spring Department, clarify the objectives and tasks of 15 years, when some of the division and a large area so that the target is almost impossible, but after "fission 30 days" of the action, we has achieved high rapid growth, it is now generally the goal 15 years full of confidence.

new Internet Suning: from toddler to eighty

after several years of efforts, we have from the traditional retail Suning reborn as new Internet retail suning. In cloud computing, big data, O2O, open platform and other Internet technology applications

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