58 city Tencent won the favor to have the opportunity to stride forward singing militant songs

Friday night, 58 city suddenly announced the acquisition of $736 million strategic investment Tencent, after the completion of the investment, Tencent will become the second largest shareholder of the company, the largest shareholder of the company’s top 58. Tencent has been shot, Ali, Baidu will be far away from the original has been set to stop the classification of the information market, or because of the Tencent into another wave.

Tencent to help 58 city closer to the user to make the city more practical Tencent

58The construction of classified information platform 58 city to do

has done the same, changes in product form is difficult to have a big, the rest of the work is to build perfect all the minor details two of the most important, is to solve the "flow supply" and "trust".

Tencent diversion, 58 city can save traffic costs, increase the social relationship of Tencent, help to establish the credit system of the city of 58. Diversion and social networking can be given directly to the Tencent, and Tencent to give the most valuable is to allow 58 city unprecedented close to the user.


pop, you can keep the 58 city exposure, allowing users a deeper impression on the 58 city, and in WeChat, hand Q, and even QQ loaded 58 city provides local service information, can let 58 city get more chance to be used. These are the 58 city previously difficult to obtain with advertising resources, is the only Tencent a comment, Jingdong, Sogou have special treatment. The introduction of Tencent investment, 58 city effectively shorten the distance with the user.

in addition, WeChat paid for the 58 city also has some auxiliary role. When the open 58 city with the Tencent’s social relationship, you have idle items, in the city of 58 on a WeChat, synchronize information directly into the circle of friends, QQ space, and then relying on social relations Tencent big data, friends will push the information to a friend. A friend relationship, or a friend’s friend, has a higher degree of trust and is easier to achieve than a second hand transaction between strangers. In addition, the upcoming WeChat upcoming on-line sales of personal items feature, which is more than 58 of the city’s second-hand goods trading provides a development environment. To say that WeChat paid to help complete the transaction closed 58 city, as well as Tencent need to pay WeChat scene, the secondary market bear the brunt.


Tencent invested 58 city for what? The main purpose of Tencent investment in the city’s 58 is not realized, but set up the stage, especially for the WeChat stage, Tencent’s desire for O2O to make WeChat a hitherto unknown, O2O entrance must first let WeChat life should be more scenes. Comments provided by the consumer is only one scene, 58 provide the service life scene is second (O2O text will be divided into two categories, "consumer" and "service life"), broken appliances, pipes blocked toilet, repair of a computer, called a generation of driving, please a part-time, selling second-hand goods and so on, the service life is not rendered review can provide 58. Tencent to do O2O entrance, let WeChat more practical is the primary problem.

in turn, maintenance, housekeeping, such as the application of a low batch difficult

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